What is a User Generated Content platform?

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What is a User Generated Content platform?

A User Generated Content platform can revolutionize the way in which you market to consumers – leading to stronger bonds between brands and consumers as well as facilitating higher conversion rates across eCommerce platforms. In this blog post, we will explain all of the User Generated Content platform essentials and lay out what to look for when choosing the right platform for you.

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What is UGC?

What is User Generated Content? Well, User Generated Content, also referred to as UGC, consists of content created by social media users featuring a brand’s products or services. UGC comes in many different forms including, but not limited to photos, videos, testimonials, tweets, and reviews. It is a marketing method that is 5x more likely to convert than professional content and is a powerful way to interact with your customers through authentic engagement.

When past customers see a brand display their content, it makes them feel a part of your community, humanizing the brand and bringing more sincere engagement and sales in the future. Meanwhile, potential customers have the advantage of seeing your products in action by people who are really using them, building trust and social proof to the point of purchase. Then, they can share a photo or video with their new product, and the circle of engagement keeps on rolling.

Mammoth amounts of UGC are created each day and so platforms are required in order to gather, manage, understand and organize it. 

User Generated Content Platform Gathered Images of Users Wearing Bennetton Clothing

What is a User Generated Content Platform?

A User Generated Content platform is a service that helps you to collect and curate videos, photos, and testimonials. By taking the photos and videos posted by your customers on social media and integrating them both into your eCommerce website and across your marketing efforts, you can create a dynamic social shopping journey. The best way to do this is with a User Generated Content platform that allows you to powerfully engage with loyal and potential customers using one of the top visual marketing techniques available.

User Generated Content platforms usually allow brands to heavily customize the UGC they gather and the best tools available offer useful insights into which UGC is performing the best or which products are being shared most by social media users. These platforms then allow you to repurpose the content to be used in email campaigns, digital signage, on websites, in ads, at events, and more.

There is a wide range of different User Generated Content platforms on the market all of which vary in terms of features and price points. Some of these UGC platforms include Flowbox Olapic, Stackla, Taggbox, Turnto, Later, Yotpro, PowerReviews.

User Generated Content platform vs influencer platform

Are UGC platforms the same as influencer platforms? Well, whilst there is certainly an element of overlap between the two, influencer platforms are more catered to the mega or macro influencers. UGC  platforms collect content from everyday people as well as from micro influencers, but they don’t tend to be used as much for collecting content from mega stars. Some influencer platforms on the market include names like Revfluence, Upfluence, Tapfluence, Intellifluence, Influencity, Afluencer, Heepsy.

Why should a UGC platform be part of your marketing strategy?

Opting for a User Generated Content platform comes with a plethora of different benefits to brands and organizations. One of these benefits is that UGC featuring a product posted by everyday people helps to provide social proof – which leads to consumers investing more trust in a brand. It also helps to build up a community around a brand, connecting consumers of a product and encouraging them to share their experiences.

UGC is also proven to encourage user engagement, increase conversions, boost SEO, increase brand awareness, and lead to useful data and audience insights. These platforms are user-friendly and provide brands with unmatched insights into the behavior of their consumers.

Adopting UGC into a marketing strategy can be beneficial to a company across any industry or sector. Some of the industries where you can see UGC marketing strategies in play include consumer electronics, fashion and apparel, cosmetics, and the consumer goods industries for example.

What to consider in a User Generated Content platform

It’s important to consider what features to look out for when choosing the best platform for your brand’s needs. There are a lot of different platforms out there, and of course, there is a wide array of features that are included in different packages. To identify which platform is right for you it is recommended that you consider the following aspects of the platforms you are exploring. 

Customer support  

Will the company you are thinking of working with offer the kind of support needed to help your operation thrive? Make sure to look into their operating hours as well as how quickly they are able to handle customer queries on average. Making sure the company you might be working with is in the right time zone is crucial.


How secure is the platform that you’re looking to invest in? Security is a key consideration to keep in mind, especially if you are a large-scale organization that is likely to be threatened by hackers. You can ask them if they have had any major hacking incidents as well as what regular security protocol they have (like independent penetration testing). 


Take a look into what is involved in the integration process, as well as taking into account how the integration would complement your current marketing workflow. Check-in as to what integrations the platform can support as well as how long the integration process is likely to take. 


Almost all platforms are able to pull content from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (Meta), but what else can they do? Make sure to take a look at the full list of features, you can also ask the following questions. What analytical insights will the platform allow you to have? What choice of UGC website displays can you choose from? How do their features help you to contact the users who created the content?

Is it user-friendly? 

It’s important that the platform you are using actually makes your life easier. Consider whether or not the platform is user-friendly enough for you to figure out on your own or if you will be fully onboarded and trained in using the platform in question. It is best to go for a platform that is willing to give you a demonstration of how their service works, this will give you a clear insight into whether or not the platform is user-friendly. 

Customizable is best

Ensure that you are able to adjust the platform to cater to your exact marketing needs. Feel free to ask the platform you are interested in if they can provide some examples of customized platforms used by brands. API integration is sometimes on offer, but it’s important to keep in mind that this might require the help of a developer during the integration process.

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Flowbox customer service is also first-class, and our team offers a full product demonstration to businesses looking to work with us. Our integration process is quick and easy and our platform offers superb analytical insights that are sure to have a significant impact on your eCommerce efforts.

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User Generated Content Platform: Summing Up

When it comes to collecting, publishing, and analyzing your customer content, a User Generated Content platform, like Flowbox, is really the way to go. Photo and video integration are seamless, and it will do wonders for your eCommerce storefront.

Authentic engagement, social proof, and a trusted brand image are crucial for selling online, and all of this can be achieved by integrating UGC into your eCommerce website, pages, and across your marketing efforts. That plus an increased conversion rate (by 19% in the case of CLUSE) makes implementing a UGC strategy a no-brainer.