Frequently asked questions

1 What is Flowbox?

Flowbox is the answer to the question how companies can gather, filter, display and share all UGC relevant for the company and its clients. Simply put: If UGC is an ocean of information, Flowbox is the net which catches the most relevant and inspiring content.

2 Why should you care about UGC?

UGC is everywhere. More than 2 billion photos are uploaded everyday. On top of that there are billions of comments and videos from all over social media created by its users. Brands that embrace UGC have the opportunity to interact in a direct and powerful way.

3 How to get started?

The best way to get started is with the free trial. Get familiar with the handling and see for yourself how relevant UGC enhances your company’s online appearance. We can guide and share our experience with you throughout all steps.

4 How to handle permissions and rights management issues?

This is one of the key issues when it comes to working with UGC as a marketing tool. UGC, while freely available, is not necessarily free to use. In order to prevent legal issues, getting the right to use UGC is paramount. Flowbox makes this process as easy as possible.

5 How to distribute UGC based marketing?

UGC marketing will provide you with a flexible content that fits all platforms and devices such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, as well as smartphones, tablets and home-screens. Content can be gathered and distributed through hashtag campaigns, Call-to-Action, websites, social hubs, event halls and so forth. The possibilities are virtually endless.

6 Can you customize Flowbox?

Absolutely. The Dashboard is set up in a very user friendly way. Simply choose one of the main themes and adjust it to your liking. It is possible to tailor it to your company’s corporate design and identity with just a couple of clicks.

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