Social hubs

Achieve more by creating less

Integrate UGC in your marketing

25 percent of search results for the world’s top 20 brands are links to UGC

With UGC you reduce complexity and strip content down to its business essentials. Several studies show that not only will your customer find UGC 35 percent more memorable than branded content, they will also trust it more than any form of owned advertising.

What your fans creating is powerful

Bring social media to your digital channels

It is known that 90 percent more time is spent on a website when a UGC gallery is included. Power your hashtag campaign with a Social hub and let UGC breathe new life into your website, apps, event screens, retail point of sale and more.

People trust people

Authentic content motivates purchases

Customers don’t want to hear from brands, they want to hear from other customers. Credit your most loyal and engaged fans by acknowledging their content and get 20 percent more visits on your website as it contains trustable UGC. Drive greater engagement with contests and campaigns and increase revenue in sales.

How it’s done

Flowbox centralizes, according to your premises, all relevant UGC traffic and display it on your Flowbox platform regularly. You manage your social hub to your liking by letting the flow update itself or take control and approve or disapprove all posts.

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