Flowboxer of the Month – February 2023: Joker

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Flowboxer of the Month – February 2023: Joker

The time has come to reveal our Flowboxer of the Month for February! With cold, dark days still prevailing, many people would certainly love to go on holiday at the moment! As such, this month we have decided to showcase a client in the travel and tourism industry.

Our Flowboxer of the Month for February 2023 is… Joker!

Joker is a Belgian company with seven travel agencies throughout the country as well as a fantastic website that allows customers to book exciting holidays from the comfort of their own home.

The brand’s history goes back to 1981 when 36 friends pooled together their funds and founded a new travel company, calling it Joker, standing for Young, Open and Creative in Dutch. 42 years later, the company is stronger than ever, offering incredible travel experiences that take their customers to every corner of the world, from the Arctic to Australia.

Joker has always placed an emphasis on operating in a sustainable and responsible way. By winning the Travel Magazine ‘Most Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year’ award on several occasions, and by becoming the first Belgian tour operator to be given the Travelife sustainability certificate, Joker has certainly differentiated itself from its competitors.

Joker partnered with Flowbox in 2018 and has been enjoying the benefits of the User Generated Content platform ever since. Galleries containing UGC can be especially valuable for companies in the travel and tourism industry as they provide social proof of others enjoying their travel experiences, therefore encouraging website visitors to book a holiday so that they can experience something similar.

On their site, Joker has implemented a number of Flows. Users visiting the site are presented with a Flow on the homepage, which provides inspiration around destinations. Very often visitors on travel websites only know that they would like a holiday, but have very little idea of where to go; as such, galleries like these can be immensely useful for helping the potential customer decide on a destination. 

Flowbox UGC Flow on Joker homepage

For example, users might look at the picture of a stunning sunset off the coast of Zanzibar and want to book a trip there so that they too can see one in person. Perhaps they might see the Instagram Reel showing the various activities one traveller got up to in Costa Rica, and be tempted to book with Joker to have a similar travel experience. In the travel industry, inspiration is key, and Joker’s homepage Flow provides plenty of it.

In addition to this homepage Flow, Joker has been using the Flowbox platform in an innovative way by implementing destination-specific Flows on the site. These can help to confirm the decisions of website visitors about which destinations they would like to travel to, encouraging them to then book their trip on the Joker website. Moreover, these Flows provide inspiration for activities and places to visit when the travellers arrive at their destination, therefore improving holiday satisfaction and their overall experience with Joker.

Joker destination-specific Flowbox UGC widget

A massive congratulations to Joker, our Flowboxer of the Month for February! We love how the innovative use of their Flows helps them to truly stand out from their competitors. We really enjoy highlighting our clients’ creativity when it comes to their Flows, and we can’t wait to show you more examples from other industries in the coming months.

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