User Generated Content Examples: 12 Inspiring Galleries

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User Generated Content Examples: 12 Inspiring Galleries

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration. That’s why we wanted to put together a list of User Generated Content examples to keep your gears grinding! After all, User Generated Content Marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to increase conversions on your store. So if you haven’t started integrating customer content into your website. Take a look at these User Generated Content examples and discover how UGC galleries can be a game-changing tool for your brand.

User Generated Content examples: What are UGC galleries?

A UGC gallery is simply a picture gallery that is auto-populated with images submitted by your customers, which can be housed on your website – either on your homepage or a specific product page.

Not only are User Generated Content galleries nice to look at, but their presence also gives customers a sense of comfort before buying an item (especially a high-priced item), as they get to see real people using the product in different ways.

Plus, they can help you increase your conversion rate. For example, watch brand CLUSE saw a 19% increase of conversions when they added a gallery to their site via our User Generated Content platform – see what they did to achieve that improvement.

Most stock photos are filled with models who oftentimes appear fake and staged. A UGC gallery, however, showcases images of customers who are beyond happy with their products – in real life.

If you haven’t put a User Generated Content gallery into your website, what are you waiting for?

Let’s take a look at some User Generated Content examples, namely how some eCommerce stores have incorporated UGC galleries into their websites.

User Generated Content Examples

1. Cluse Watches

Cluse Flowbox User Generated Content Lookbook Featuring Watches

First up on our list – Cluse Watches, which uses a UGC gallery to populate their “Lookbook” section. Shoppers can scroll through the pictures to see how Cluse’s customers have paired their watches with their outfits, and the beauty of this is…

Woman in the Park Wearing a Cluse Watch

…upon clicking into a specific picture, there’s a direct link to the featured watch, making it extremely easy for the viewer to shop the look!

2. Burberry

Consumers Wearing Burberry Coats

Burberry is a highly popular British clothing company first founded in 1856. They offer an abundance of clothing for men and women along with accessories, handbags, and shoes.

Theses User Generated Content Examples are not showcased directly from Instagram. While we suggest you integrate from Instagram because it generates social proof for your brand, it’s not 100% necessary.

3. Adexe

Adexe User Generated Content example

Adexe is the first brand created by The Club W Limited in the UK, and their User Generated Content gallery game is on point.

They’re known for selling minimalist watches at an affordable price for both men and women by “melding mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse.”

This User Generated Content example features a stylish UGC gallery that matches the look and feel of this self-proclaimed ‘non-conformist’ brand and gives wearers the opportunity to reflect their own spirit through the product – exactly what the brand hopes to achieve.

Check out their website to see how well their UGC gallery integrates into the brand’s style. One glance, and you can see why customer content is an eCommerce must-have.

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4. Believe Athletics

Women Wearing Believe Athletics Clothing

Believe Athletics started back in 2015 when two women (Regina and Marisol) were unable to find the perfect running bra.

After doing an insane amount of research and talking to medical experts, they realized they needed to make a change for women everywhere. They then started their company, Believe Athletics, which has helped many women live a healthy, active lifestyle in comfort.

I personally love viewing their User Generated Content examples because they show their customers actually working out. It will immediately make you want to get in your athletic wear and start running.

5. Denham The Jeanmaker

Gallery of Women and Men Wearing Denham the Jeanmaker Clothing

Denham The Jeanmaker has recently put their focus on providing high-quality customer content for shoppers in the eCommerce Lookbook. Founded in 2008 by Jason Denham, the brand sells premium Dutch style to a devoted base of customers.

Now customers can be endlessly inspired by User Generated Content examples on their feed. Plus, their gallery is completely shoppable, giving consumers the optimum eCommerce experience.

By showing off their products on real customers, it gives potential customers a sense of satisfaction. They’ll be able to visualize what the product might look like on them, which helps people determine whether or not they want to purchase the product.

The best part? They were so excited by their Lookbook that they integrated UGC directly into their new shoppable app. The UGC potential never ends!

6. Séraphine

Women Wearing Maternity Wear

Séraphine is known for their fashionable and well-priced maternity clothing. The store caters to moms to be of all stages and counts on User Generated Content examples to show women that their maternity clothing is actually going to fit them well.

What’s good about Séraphine’s gallery is that you can tell they give thought to featuring content based on what’s trending (or what’s in season).

We definitely recommend following Séraphine’s lead when it comes to User Generated Content. Trending and seasonal items will sell better, especially if customers are able to see how the outfits look on real customers!

7. Dinair

Another great example of an eCommerce UGC gallery is the one by Dinair, a company that specializes in “airbrush” makeup.

Consumer Gallery of Women Wearing Airbrush Makeup

By having a UGC gallery that showcases pictures of different women wearing Dinair makeup, the brand brings an incredible amount of diversity to the table.

Given that many stock or professional photos tend to feature similar-looking models (white, thin, defined bone structure), the photo gallery featuring diversity allows potential customers to better relate to Dinair (and is better for the world too).

Apart from allowing a brand to be more diverse, eCommerce UGC galleries are also useful when you want to associate your brand with a certain lifestyle.

One eCommerce store who nailed this application?

8. Double Agent USA

Apparel store Double Agent USA uses User Generated Content perfectly.

Double Agent USA Hashtagged User Generated Content Example

It’s widely known that the best advertising doesn’t simply sell a product. Instead, it sells a lifestyle.

One easy way of having your potential customers associate a certain lifestyle with your eCommerce store is by using a User Generated Content gallery which showcases the kind of image you’d like to portray. Double Agent USA, for example, is clearly going for a laid-back, carefree, summery vibe with the pictures featured on its UGC gallery.

Pro Tip: If you’re hoping to feature authentic, but “higher-quality” pictures on your UGC gallery, throw a little bit of influencer marketing strategy into the mix.

I’m not saying that you need to dish out thousands of dollars on engaging Instagram “celebrities”. A more cost-effective way to go about doing this is to reach out to “micro-influencers” who will be happy to do a post for your brand if you send them a free product.

The only cost to you will be your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and in exchange, you’ll get high-quality pictures that you can use in your UGC gallery, on your Facebook and Instagram ads, and more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

9. Easy Lunch Boxes

User Generated Content Featuring Easy Lunchboxes

Who knew lunch could be so… easy? Gone are the days where we had to rush in the morning to whip up something delicious. With a little help from Easy Lunch Boxes, you’ll be packing lunch like a professional in no time!

Easy Lunch Boxes started shortly after Kelly Lester (the founder) realized how difficult it was to portion her children’s meals for school. Fast-forward a few years, and she’s helping other parents out with this tedious task.

This invention was so successful that there are thousands of fake products being made to replicate what Kelly created. Pretty cool, right?

Thanks to Kelly’s User Generated Content examples, parents around the world are able to plan new lunch ideas for their children (as well as share what they pack).

10. Kathy Kuo Home

Kathy Kuo Home Lookbook

Have you ever wanted to completely re-design your home but could not nail down a color scheme? Thanks to Kathy Kuo Home, you’ll never be alone again.

Because Kathy is a designer before anything else, she knows what clicks. And, after viewing her UGC gallery, we’re convinced she’s 100% legitimate (and may even buy from her in the future). Kathy and her team believe in living in a home you love and will stop at nothing to ensure you find that comfort. Just take a scroll through their User Generated Content examples, and you’ll be hankering to redecorate your entire house.

11. Peanut Butter & Co.

Consumer Generated Images of Peanut Butter

Because you can never have too much… peanut butter?! As odd as this store may seem, it’s a highly popular place to shop! Peanut Butter & Co. is in business to “Make what you eat taste amazing!”.

And boy oh boy, does their UGC gallery look amazing. From dark chocolate peanut butter to peanut butter on waffles, we’re inclined to buy.

Whether your customers are wearing or eating your products, a UGC gallery will inspire many. Not every UGC gallery has to feature makeup, clothes, and accessories after all. People love to see pictures of their food, and if you’re lucky, they may stop at the store on their way home to pick up your product!

Last but not least, here’s an example of how eCommerce User Generated Content galleries can help to build trust and reduce friction in the buying process:

12. Elevate Styles

Content Gallery using Hashtags

Some products are more difficult than others to sell online. For example, most people want to try on a wig before buying it. Whilst this isn’t possible on an eCommerce platform, Elevate Styles does use a UGC gallery to provide social proof of other women who look great (and highly natural) in their wigs.

5 Star Customer review from Consumer

Another thing that Elevate Styles does? They place their “reviews” tab in an eye-catching and strategic location right at the side of their UGC gallery.

Upon clicking on the reviews tab, consumers see that the store has amassed a highly impressive 12,923 (and counting!) reviews, which reduces friction further and takes them one step closer to clicking the checkout button.

How to set up an eCommerce User Generated Content gallery

Now that you’ve seen all of these great User Generated Content examples, let’s discuss setting up your UGC gallery.

The easiest way of doing this is simply to use a platform such as Flowbox. Here’s how it works:

Depending on your specific settings, pictures that are either hashtagged with your unique hashtag or uploaded to a certain account will be “collected” into a dashboard. This is done across various social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On your end, you can then curate and approve the specific pictures which will then appear on your feed.

When customers click on a picture in the gallery, they’ll be able to view the “Shop This Look” product recommendation function.

Woman wearing sunglasses and red lipstick

And your website has just undergone the ultimate upgrade! Track how well User Generated Content works for you brand using Flowbox analytics – you’ll thank us when you see that conversion rate increasing.

Flowbox’s platform allows brands to gather, curate, moderate, share and analyze highly valuable User Generated Content – leading them to make more conversions and build strong customer relationships. Sign up for one of our demos now and learn more about how Flowbox can be a gamechanger for your marketing strategy.

Some parting words

Now that you’ve made it all the way to the end of the article, I hope you’ll find it clear that User Generated Content galleries aren’t a “nice to have” for eCommerce store owners – they’re a “must have”. These were just a few User Generated Content examples, but there are tons out there!

It’s easy to get complacent after you’ve gotten all your processes in place (and ticked off every item on the checklist that I mentioned at the start of this article). However, the reality of the eCommerce industry is that it’s evolving at a rapid pace and that merchants are, across the board, getting increasingly sophisticated.

Maybe it was sufficient to have an automated email campaign and a mobile-optimized website five years ago. But it’s not anymore.

To leap ahead of your competitors and grow your revenue, you need to adopt new technology and strategies – including UGC galleries.

The good news? It’s insanely easy to get started – all you have to do is spend some time (we’re talking less than an hour!) setting up an account on Flowbox or other similar platforms, and they’ll take care of the rest.

In no time, you’ll see higher conversion rates, more sales, an increase in revenue, and even fewer returns.

Here’s to making technology work for you, not the other way round.

We hope these User Generated Content examples have inspired you to get your own gallery. Have any questions on the process? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want more on UGC, visit our complete guide to User Generated Content strategy, here.