Translating in-store customization into online personalization with UGC

Shoeby is a Dutch fashion and accessories brand that prides itself in its personal shopping experience. Learn how they increased their conversion rate by integrating genuine customer content into their eCommerce.

The Story

The Shoeby brand was established 38 years ago with their first store in The Netherlands. A few decades later, they now have 225 stores spread across Holland, where they sell their fashion and accessories for women, men, and children.

What’s helped them stand apart from the other fashion brands in the sector is their focus on providing a personal shopping service for their in-store customers. When it comes to eCommerce, they strive to provide the same personalized and assisted shopping experience for online customers.


Because they see it as their duty to provide a customized shopping experience in-store, the brand didn’t want to lose this for their online customers. So they looked for eCommerce tools that would help them achieve a more personalized and relatable online shopping journey.

What they discovered? An authentic shopping experience featuring User Generated Content with the help of a visual commerce platform.

“Campaign photos are great for branding and are necessary for a fashion company, but that is not enough. So I do believe in displaying User Generated Content especially on the website. People can then see what the product looks like, how other people wear it, and it also becomes an inspiration point for other customers.”

Fatma Simsek – Social Media Marketer at Shoeby


With the help of Flowbox, Shoeby has collected all of the images and videos created by their customers featuring their products. This content has then been integrated directly into their eCommerce into stylish galleries and carousels.

“We see in the stats of the pictures and videos that we share that most of the time the User Generated Content has by far the most likes and engagement, so we definitely believe in this kind of content.”

Fatma Simsek – Social Media Marketer at Shoeby

Not only does UGC help their eCommerce revenue, it also gives customers a more relatable source of inspiration that enables them to identify with the person in the image. This social proof helps customers establish a personal connection with the brand that, in turn, increases their online engagement.

“I think the User Generated content works well because people can relate to it. People can relate to the person, the body type, style etc. When people relate and identify with the people in UGC, they feel more connected. That’s why it’s working so well.”

Fatma Simsek – Social Media Marketer at Shoeby