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We believe that content is the lifeblood of the modern consumer journey. Our platform enables brands in all industries to fuel their growth with tools that gather and organize authentic content whilst optimizing the customer experience on their eCommerce sites.

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The Vision

Here at Flowbox, we are working towards creating the best User Generated Content technology in the world. Our vision has always been to offer innovative solutions that help brands achieve results. Over the years we’ve had a front-row seat into just what user content can achieve and we are passionate about sharing our expertise with as many brands as we can.

Key numbers




The Flowbox client base is consistently growing and we are delighted to be able to provide the best possible service to the wonderful brands that we work with across various industries.




At Flowbox, we recognise that our triumphs are thanks to our fantastic team of profressionals. We look forward to growing in numbers as we evolve as a company.




Flowbox is used by a wide range of brands internationally. The majority of our clients are located in Europe and Latin America, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to international UGC dominance!

Our team

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Customer Success



Finance & HR


Eulogi Bordas

Head of Global Sales

Sof Michaels

Head of Sales Ops & Talent

Roel Hoedemakers

Head of Customer Success

Charlotte von Essen

Head of Marketing & Growth

Davy Laudet


Alex Ramírez


David Hansson

Senior Account Executive

Erik Wasell

Account Executive

Emeline Lucas

Account Executive

Benjamin Koponen

Account Executive

Cristina Baeza

Account Executive

Derek van Grieken

Account Executive

Oktawia Gardecka

Account Executive

Moritz Uthoff

Account Executive

Juliette Petit

Sales Development Representative

Serdar Savas

Client Success Team Lead

Frida Lindqvist

Customer Success Manager

Analicia Montealegre

Customer Success Manager

Teresa Rodrigo

Customer Success Manager

Yoy Vera Meléndez

Customer Success Manager

Chantal van den Berg

Customer Success Manager

Julia Säther

Customer Success Manager

Marion Philipps

Lead Onboarding Specialist

Romane Braun

Head of Technical Integration

Toni Cruces

Tech Support

Fernando Valdivielso

Tech Support

Sergi Mulero

Tech Support

Ricards Goldbergs

Customer Success Intern

Gemma Curto Rodríguez

Content Marketing Manager

Sophia Fennessy

Growth & Leadgen Manager

Javier Albasanz

Digital Marketing Specialist

Olivia Carloni

Marketing & Leadgen Intern

Rory Mullan

Marketing & Leadgen Intern

Tazmin Barnes

Marketing & Leadgen Intern

Sheila Garcia

Technical Lead

Carlos Mena

Software Architect

Mehdi Mokhtari

Data Engineer

Johan Wärlander

Backend Engineer

Raghunath Vasireddy

Software Engineer

Omar Bouden

Backend Developer

Óscar Perez

Backend Developer

Will Ross

Backend Developer

Ghassen Telmoudi

Backend Developer

Ivan Pobeguts

Frontend Developer & Team Lead

Marina Martynenko

Senior Frontend Developer

Mikael Carlsson

Frontend Developer

Mike Sidorov

Frontend Developer

Javier Gomez

Frontend Developer

Emma Craig

Fullstack Developer

Simon Ottervald

Fullstack Developer

Christoffer Flodin

Product Manager

Arezou Solouki

Junior Product Owner

Marly Hawkes

Head of Finance

Josephine Sahlström

Technical Recruiter

Lena Matviichuk

Know us

Our culture

At the heart of Flowbox, there is a culture of transparency, hard work, and innovation. Our core company values place an emphasis on honesty, approachability, exploration, and being results-driven. We are committed to nurturing our diverse team of content heroes and fostering an inclusive work environment that allows all of our Flowboxers to shine.

our culture


Stockholm office


Riddargatan 17D
114 57 Stockholm

Barcelona office


Carrer de Balmes 243, 4o-2a
08006 Barcelona

Amsterdam office


Sarphatistraat 8
1017 WS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Our investors

We are privileged to be backed by a stellar team of investors including Viking Venture, Inveready, Bankinter Venture Capital, Caixa Capital Risc, and IFEM. Our investors share our vision for the future of Flowbox, and their expertise and guidance ensure that we are on track to achieving our goals.