Danish sports products and supplements brand, Bodylab, enriches their online shopping journey with User Generated Content

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Danish sports products and supplements brand, Bodylab, enriches their online shopping journey with User Generated Content

Bodylab is a Danish market leader in producing sports snacks and supplements for their growing base of customers. Since their inception in 2003, the brand, owned by Scandza, has put a focus on cultivating strong relationships with their engaged customers over social media. Now, they’re teaming up with Flowbox to leverage that engagement into eCommerce conversions.

By collecting the user-generated photos and videos posted on social media by their customers and deciding to embed an Instagram feed integrating them into their eCommerce store, Bodylab is able to do more with the interaction they see on social media. As a sports brand, their fanbase is eager to share with followers their progress in their athletic training, which naturally lends itself to the User Generated Content (UGC) model. 

Kristian Deiborg, CTO of Bodylab, said, “People like to show that they have been to the gym or they live healthily, so they share their experiences with us. We are using Flowbox to get the full potential out of our strong relationship with our customers. A relationship that before was mainly living on Instagram – but it is now possible to integrate into our website, which is of very high value.” 

With a tool like Flowbox, collecting, managing, and publishing this content to improve the online shopping journey of sports brands is made easy. Bodylab has already seen a 5.75% interaction rate with the UGC enrichment. 

Deiborg continued, “One reason that we use UGC is that it makes it easier to see yourself using the products, for example using it on product pages next to the products. But, of course, the bottomline is to increase conversions.”

Sof Michaels, VP of Business Development stated, “We’re delighted to welcome Bodylab to our portfolio of international clients. Bodylab has a very strong and engaged social community, and Flowbox will help to capitalize on that by bringing that vibrant content to life in the website shopping journey. We’re especially excited by the prospect of enhancing the Product Detail Pages with social proof; no doubt we will see an uplift in both engagement and sales conversion from our widgets.”

With the help of authentic User Generated Content, which is 5X more likely to convert than professionally produced content, Bodylab found the solution they were looking for. 

Deiborg concluded, “I think the tool is very intuitive and very well built; it’s really easy and simple. Overall, I’ve had a good experience, and the people I talked to recommended Flowbox.”

Could your brand benefit from the increased conversion rates created by UGC? Get in touch today to see how we can help.