How 2 consumer electronics brands are leveraging User Generated Content

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How 2 consumer electronics brands are leveraging User Generated Content

These days, the consumer electronics industry is buzzing with activity. With a great proportion of our lives dictated by technology, this industry has become very significant to our society. Consisting of electronic goods and any digital device under the sun, it is easy to imagine its popularity among our contemporary audience, especially since the global pandemic where the need for digital outreach and entertainment was as pertinent as ever. 

After catering to the demand that came from the COVID-19 response, the consumer electronics market grew exponentially at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7%, raking in billions of profit. Research by The Business Research Company shows that by 2025, the market is expected to reach $511.06 billion.

With customers transitioning from offline shopping to online, the need for a successful eCommerce platform, especially within an industry such as consumer electronics, is absolutely vital to keeping your brand thriving amongst competitors. Digital innovation is changing the online shopping experience through User Generated Content. UGC provides the authenticity your audience needs to click the ‘buy’ button.

A User Generated Content platform boasts a huge amount of potential. They can help by  increasing your sales, and even more so within an industry such as consumer electronics, where people value products that last long-term and therefore, desire authenticity from your brand. Fortunately, we have a few examples of consumer electronics brands who have integrated User Generated Content to upgrade their eCommerce.

Newskill Gaming: Increase interaction and conversion rates with authentic UGC

With eCommerce store Newskill Gaming already being fully online, there was a risk that their relationship with their consumers would become a distant and transactional affair especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where social interactions are at their lowest. Newskill wanted to remain resilient in their efforts to keep up with the rapid changes and find a means of connecting with their audience on another level.

Despite their concerns, Newskill saw a natural increase of UGC during the pandemic since customers needed more ways to entertain themselves during the global isolation.

​​“With COVID, at the beginning we wanted to be cautious because we thought that with the uncertainty in the economy that people would be more cautious. But it turns out it has been the opposite. We sold in April more than any month we can remember, even more than Black Friday and Christmas. It has been crazy. And that has resulted in more content generated by our users. Everyone is posting a lot more, they are showing off their spaces, where they live, where they work, where they play.”

Gema Aliaga, Social Media & PR Manager at Newskill Gaming
Consumer electronics brand UGC website integration

Newskill were then able to utilize this new growth to their advantage. The community atmosphere that UGC can bring to the table was exemplary for the brand and they have been able to use all these interactions from satisfied customers into their eCommerce strategy. 

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“Our online marketing strategy is focused on building a strong community. I thought that User Generated Content would add a lot of value and make it easier for the client to fulfill the buying process by seeing how the products look in real life. People appreciate the User Generated Content, and we are watching our customers evolve with this tool. I think we made a good call with this one!”

Gema Aliaga, Social Media & PR Manager at Newskill Gaming

Especially during recent times, connectivity has become increasingly important among consumers. They desire more meaningful interactions to showcase reliability. UGC has been able to do exactly that for Newskill, the brand has seen a 13.19% increase of conversion rates, plus a 4.10% interaction rate with their customer content galleries.

Casanova Foto: Strengthen your community by exploring your niche

One of the main advantages to User Generated Content is that it undoubtedly builds trust. It is possibly the most authentic visual marketing strategy to employ, and in a world where technology often fails us when we depend on it or where we find it hard to navigate, UGC can provide the reassurance customers need to invest in the consumer electronics industry.

By utilizing and optimizing your UGC you are providing your customers with social proof, it is the best peer-review centred feedback there is. Not only do you encourage authenticity within your brand but you can also expand your social reach by using customized hashtags for example, or inciting any kind of social interaction. Your consumers feel heard and involved, and give back to you through their own content, thus creating a strong and loyal bond between customer and brand!

Casanova Foto is another brand that has taken advantage of the UGC wave and specifically mastered their niche. Known for their high-quality camera products, they are an ideal candidate to generate some eye-catching UGC. They have a section of their website dedicated to their community of consumers.

UGC section of consumer electronics website

As you can see the customer need only tag the brand or use their branded hashtag #casanovafoto on their content to be involved, quick and easy. Through these images, they show their dedication towards their consumers’ satisfaction and can showcase some beautiful, striking and user generated imagery which just goes to show the efficacy of their products as well.

When you click one of these photos you are greeted with an Instagram feed post guiding you to the product as well as displaying its quality through UGC and providing the important social proof we mentioned earlier.

Instagram feed post of UGC on consumer electronics website

Sometimes UGC isn’t always the best quality but Casanova Foto has completely bypassed this risk with their own niche, their users provide high quality content and not to mention for free. This makes your website more attractive and approachable, certainly in Casanova’s case!

It is also worth mentioning that adding a social feed to your website can bridge the gap between your socials and your website, cross-channeling the two and increasing traffic which inherently leverages your conversions.

This take on a UGC strategy has allowed Casanova to collect hundreds of images to strengthen their online community.

Embracing User Generated Content as a consumer electronics brand

Now that you have discovered how these two consumer electronics brands that chose to embed an Instagram feed have upgraded their eCommerce by leveraging their UGC, it is your turn to reap the benefits as well, so let us at Flowbox help you!

With Flowbox’s User Generated Content platform, you can easily collect, manage, publish and analyze your customer content for a truly impressive strategy. Learn more about our solution here. Request a demo here for more information about how our platform functions. 

With so many benefits, this strategy is ideal for consumer electronics brands who need that extra boost of reliability and authenticity within their campaigns.