Content Curation Techniques: save time and resources with an advanced UGC platform

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Content Curation Techniques: save time and resources with an advanced UGC platform

Content is everywhere. Every digital conversation has the potential to become high-quality content for your brand to collect, curate, and convert into the next, big marketing campaign. As digital marketers, we have to be ready for it. 

When we learn to embrace the fast-paced content machine that is social media, we find that there is a surplus of images and videos waiting for us on visual platforms like Instagram. And when used correctly, this can mean huge conversion power online. 

But creating high-quality integrations featuring content created by customers requires the necessary time to establish a stellar content strategy, not to mention the manual labor of assigning content to your extensive product catalogue. 

So what do you do when it’s not content you’re short on – but time?

When your brand has thousands of products, how do you create an effective customer-centered marketing strategy?

As an international brand with a large product feed, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the prospect of creating a compelling User Generated Content strategy fit to highlight the scope of your brand catalogue. This is something that we hear a lot both from brands who are currently working with UGC or those who are too overwhelmed to do so. 

Maybe you’re already integrating customer content into your digital marketing with a UGC platform – but the manual curation process is exhausting your team of time and resources. So rather than enjoying the output of your UGC integration, you feel like you’re just losing time on the input. 

Or perhaps you haven’t even considered UGC because of the thousands of products in your catalogue. With the discouraging thought of tediously connecting each product with customer content, you’ve altogether discarded the idea of a UGC strategy.

While we understand the frustration that one might feel in either case, we’re also here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With our advanced UGC platform, online brands with extensive product catalogues can have their high-quality customer content integration without losing time on manual curation and moderation. And we’re going to explain to you exactly why. 

Optimize your UGC integration with image recognition built to make your life easier

As a digital marketer, you hardly have time for the manual labor of content curation when you’re busy developing exceptional online strategies. Luckily, you don’t have to forfeit the benefits of a high-quality User Generated Content strategy just to save yourself time. Thanks to image recognition technology built directly into your UGC platform, you really can have it all. 

With Flowbox’s AI-powered solution, you don’t have to pick between working efficiently and publishing an eye-catching customer content integration into your eCommerce store. You can have both! This advanced technology is designed to make the user’s life easier by improving the process of linking images and videos to products and is essential to expediting the process of integrating this content into various marketing channels. 

Say your brand has 20,000 products in your catalogue. When it comes to connecting customer content to each product, it’s a pain straining to remember each product name and number, plus the manual process can use a lot of your time. 

But with Flowbox Recognize, our image recognition solution, your large product catalogue isn’t an issue. By simply hovering your mouse over the photo, our image recognition technology will automatically find the product in the image, match it with your product catalogue, and enable you to connect the two directly in seconds. From there, the manual work that was once eating away at your time can now be fed right back into your digital marketing strategy.  

This Flowbox feature is already helping our clients with large product catalogues, like International flip-flop brand Havaianas, reduce their time spent on the curation process immensely, allowing them to enjoy their UGC integration without getting frustrated with maintenance. 

Maybe you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but we don’t have someone available to monitor content and connect it to products using the image recognition tool.” Well, we’ve got you covered there, too. 

Our team also offers high-quality content moderation services for brands who are unable to dedicate the manpower to moderating their UGC. So with moderation fully taken care of, your brand can keep the focus on your performance, rather than the clerical work. 

Improve content management while reducing errors in the process

While we can go on and on about how this kind of image recognition technology can help save you time, there’s more to the story than just that. This kind of upgrade can also ensure that you make less mistakes, as our tool leaves little room for human error. 

Before image recognition, it was normal for your eyes to trail away during the monotony of repetitive tasks. Next thing you know, you’ve attached products to images where they don’t appear and guess what? You’ve just added more work to your load, as you go back and fix your mistakes. 

Not only can image recognition save you time, it also decreases oversights. When you no longer have to rely on your memory to match products to images and videos, you’re much more likely to get your UGC integration right – the very first time around. 

Take a look at iconic fashion brand KARL LAGERFELD, who by using this technology to curate content for their immense product catalogue, saw an average order value increase of 20.84%.  

Rather than squandering precious time on tedious work, the brand uses Flowbox Recognize to quickly connect their customer content with products. By clicking on the User Generated images, shoppers are brought directly to purchase the product, creating a more compelling online buying journey without wasting any time. 

Taking AI one step further with image recommendation 

Of course, image recognition isn’t the only algorithm that you can use to help improve your User Generated Content integration. We’ve also used Machine Learning to develop the Flowbox Recommend Engine, which helps brands to prioritize which content to curate first.

Based on a combination of Instagram performance data and eCommerce statistics from over 2.5 million different photos, our algorithm identifies which images created by your customers are most likely to perform well. Highlighting them as recommendations in our platform, users will then be able to confidently use these images to convert more. 

As a brand with a lot of customer content, this technology dramatically helps to reduce time spent on moderation, enabling curators to be more efficient and focused on the best content that will bring the most value to your eCommerce. 

Paired with the time-saving power of image recognition, your speedy curation process will mean a quicker turnaround time for content, leading to a more engaging UGC integration. And the cycle of conversions continues. 

Image recognition and recommendation is changing the way brands curate content

With the direction digital marketing is moving, brands need to stay focused on keeping up with the way that consumers communicate today. But this is difficult to maintain if your team is wasting time, brain power, and effort on curating content like we did in the past. 

No matter how you look at it, there’s no reason to lose time on content moderation. Not when tech-based solutions are available to help you improve your UGC strategy by providing higher-quality integrations faster. 

This is how big brands are working today – so don’t get left behind. Talk to our team about how we can help save time in the UGC process.