Home design brands Saniweb & Sanidirect turn to Flowbox to engage and inspire online customers

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Home design brands Saniweb & Sanidirect turn to Flowbox to engage and inspire online customers

Saniweb and Sanidirect are two Dutch home design brands under the De Mandemakers Groep that have recently partnered with Europe’s leading User Generated Content platform, Flowbox, to leverage customer created content in both of these online stores. 

While both brands have a large base of customers that are happy with their products, the brands felt they could do more with this customer satisfaction by leveraging it into their online marketing. For this reason, they decided to use Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform. This enabled them to collect customer created content effectively on social media and integrate it into their eCommerce store to increase conversions and engagement. 

Ilse Burghouwt, Brand Manager at Saniweb and Sanidirect said, “We have many happy customers with completed bathrooms, but do not show this enough in our communication. Satisfied customers are very important to us because positive customer experiences inspire trust among other customers and thus can ensure a higher conversion. We therefore find it very important to propagate this through UGC.” She continued, “Furthermore, creating and scaling content to every channel is hard and expensive. UGC content already exists and can lower our costs.”

When it came to their UGC strategy, the team was looking for very specific qualifications from their chosen solution, such as fast widget performance and easy website integration. 

Ilse explained, “We did demos with various UGC providers and listed the differences side by side. We heard about Flowbox through a colleague, she had worked with Flowbox at her previous employer and was very pleased with the user-friendliness.” For this reason, they were inclined to put their trust in Flowbox. 

She added, “In addition, we also had our technical partner look at it and he asked the Flowbox Sales Team all of our questions. The speed of the website is very important to us and the performance of the Flowbox platform came out well when compared to all of the providers. We also had great contact with Sof, the VP of Business Development, who always had quick answers for us.”

Sof Michaels, VP of Business Development at Flowbox, commented, “We are delighted and very excited to welcome De Mandemakers Groep to our portfolio of clients. One of the most critical elements when integrating UGC is the impact on the site speed and page loading and this is something we provide at the very highest level. Our widget footprint is the smallest in the industry, ensuring we are not affecting our clients page load times. This is something the De Mandemakers team analyzed rigorously and took very seriously in their selection process. Ilse and her team have been a pleasure to work with throughout the process and will no doubt make a successful UGC project by capitalizing on their great social content using our technology.”

This focus on providing an advanced UGC service that takes into consideration the needs and growing technical demands of online brands is one of the reasons that Flowbox stands out as Europe’s leading solution. 

“For us, content is key. We invest a lot in good content, such as the correct product information and the right images for the products on the product pages of the website. Additional product reviews and images created by customers can inspire confidence in other shoppers by showing how products look in real homes. This ensures that there are fewer returns and more satisfied customers.”

Ilse Burghouwt – Brand Manager at Saniweb and Sanidirect

Thanks to their UGC integration, both Saniweb and Sanidirect are able to take advantage of these major customer content benefits, as well as higher conversions, home design inspiration from real homes, and a more powerful online buying journey in which the online community forms a part of the brand. 

UGC is proven to be 5X more likely to convert than professional content. Learn how to create a compelling UGC integration in your eCommerce so that your brand can increase engagement and conversions.