Flowboxer of the Month – June 2020: Bergans of Norway

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Flowboxer of the Month – June 2020: Bergans of Norway

Welcome to our new concept, Flowboxer of the Month! Since seeing our clients come up with creative and different ways of using our platform, we at Flowbox have decided to encourage and showcase them for their awesome work as well as inspire others. Each month we will select one of our clients that we’re feeling extra inspired by and show off their effort here.

After a company-wide poll, we’re happy to announce that our very first Flowboxer of the Month is Bergans of Norway!

Bergans is a Norwegian outdoors brand that specializes in clothes and gear for all your camping, trekking and other nature loving needs. From windbreakers and long johns to backpacks and tents – they’ve got it all.

Bergans have incorporated Flowbox on many sections of their website. You can find UGC on their start page, category pages, inspiration page as well as ambassador flow, and everywhere where UGC is featured, it makes an appearance immediately; no scrolling needed. We love that the UGC is so apparent and visible to the customers, and we’re especially impressed by the way that they’ve built their category pages and ambassador flow.

It seems as though Bergans is putting in a lot of effort and thought in choosing what photos to feature, as the flows feel vibrant and blend perfectly together. We also love the fact that they’re constantly updating and improving their featured UGC by working with the Flowbox platform daily.

The category pages feature UGC in at the very top, above all of the shoppable products, in their own unique, vertical and compact format which is just so eye-catching. It gives you a glimpse of multiple images, and if you want to see the whole pictures in their full width (which you definitely do), you need to click on them, and are thereby exposed to the product links as well. The images take up quite a large section of the page, but they still don’t expose the entirety at once, leaving room for both curiosity and interaction.

Bergans have a couple of collaborations with ambassadors who share their values and interests. These ambassadors are featured on a special part of their website containing a short introduction as well as their personal Instagram feeds. It gives off a truly genuine vibe that we are sure that the customers appreciate.

We’re very proud to be working with Bergans and excited to see what they come up with next. Congratulations on becoming our very first Flowboxer of the Month! 🎉