How 2 Fantastic Food & Beverage Brands Are Using UGC to Get Results

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How 2 Fantastic Food & Beverage Brands Are Using UGC to Get Results

User Generated Content is x5 more likely to convert eCommerce shoppers when making key decisions about purchasing products. But how can a brand bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds? Read on to discover how two very unique food and beverage brands are doing exactly that.

Achieve better results for your brand

It’s not difficult to imagine why eCommerce conversion rates are constantly in flux. For any food and beverage brands reading, if you could integrate one simple tool to improve your conversion rate, wouldn’t you? Flowbox is here to help.

The challenge for food and beverage brands is that some customers will be more accustomed to an in-store experience. Meaning they can get a sense of the products before they invest in them, ask for advice on how to use them, and get a feel for a brand by having a physical shopping experience rather than a digital one.

Forms of social proof work very well for fashion and apparel brands and the same can be said about brands in the food and beverage industry. That’s why the brands that are working with Flowbox and have a User Generated Content strategy are such success stories

How can food and beverage brands overcome digital challenges?

Some food and beverage brands marketing online will have a local presence and some won’t, but in today’s social media-dominated world, digital communities are more vital to food and beverage brands than ever before. 

As reported in the Shopify eCommerce Market Credibility Study conducted by Forrester Consulting in September of 2021 on Shopify’s behalf, ‘47% of consumers said having a local presence was a significant factor for which brands they shop from.’ 

But how can a brand create a strong local presence when operating online? Companies can do this by nurturing their social media communities.

There are a lot of different concrete metrics that a food and beverage website might hope to improve on its journey to success. Some of these include engagement rates, conversion rates, impressions, interaction rates, average order value increase, and clicks. Even when a trip to a physical store is possible for a potential customer, the interactions they have online are just as important in the decision-making process.

Ultimately, the main factor in the food and beverage industry is encouraging consumers to want to taste your products. Thankfully partnering with a UGC platform can help brands easily track metrics, offer technical support and provide advice on how to optimize the performance of their content.

Ametller Origen: Closing the Gap Between Social Media and Shopfronts

Ametller Origen is a chain of food shops based in Cataluña, and they are in fact, the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the region. The brand specializes in providing the best fresh and processed products that they can at affordable prices. They have been raising awareness about the importance of a sustainable and healthy diet for over 21 years so far.

Marketing for food and beverage-based business with a physical storefront presence can differ from marketing for businesses that are strictly eCommerce-based. At first, they had reservations about whether or not User Generated Content would be the right fit for them, but Ametller Origen took the leap and decided to try it.

“I had doubts about UGC for retail grocers since using it for fashion or homewares is a different thing… but once I saw the content in the ‘Tagged’ section I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos uploaded by our consumers. Being very user-centric we have always been focused on giving the best customer experience. And this is also reflected in our stores. The channels complement each other, both online and offline.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen

As brands find ways to encourage more social media users to join their online communities, our state-of-the-art UGC platform automates the collection of this flow of content via hashtags. As more and more individuals see others participating in the online community by sharing their positive experiences using food or beverages purchased from Ametller Origen that has a domino effect in the sense that new potential customers might want to enjoy their products too.

Human beings have always been quite visual creatures, but in today’s fast-paced and competitive eCommerce market it’s easy for both brands and consumers to get bored if the forms of marketing they are using are not regularly updated. That’s why technological solutions like the ones being offered by Flowbox are so important, they encourage social media communities to get creative and share their success stories, which brands can use to their advantage by integrating them into their eCommerce shopping experience.

Ametller Origen began working with Flowbox in September of 2021, and the brand has collected a monthly average of 1.4K social media videos and images thus far. That’s a lot of fresh content for the brand to play with!

Alpro: Spread the Word About your Climate-Conscious Brand

Belgian plant-based dairy alternative brand Alpro already has the power of social conscience on its side. Still, they were looking for a better way to share their corporate journey with potential customers. Alpro wanted to include the content that happy customers share on social media in their marketing strategy, and they required a straightforward yet efficient tool that gave them the power to do that.

When Flowbox and Alpro started working together the brand hadn’t used UGC before but it was time for Alpro to start marketing more effectively using social media. The brand has a stunning display of photos and videos on its website that shows off how beautiful its food and beverage products can look during the preparation and consumption phase.

The brand is happy with the metrics they are seeing post-Flowbox integration. With User Generated Content, Alpro has been seeing engagement rates of as high as 15% thus far.

“Flowbox just really excels. We love the flexibility, how you can integrate Flows into any website. It’s not a complex solution, and it’s easy to make Flowbox a part of your ecosystem. We even often let our trainees manage Flowbox, because it’s so easy to onboard them to the platform.”

Ralph Urmel, Digital Experience Manager at Alpro