Lékué Partners With Flowbox to Inspire and Engage With User Generated Content

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Lékué Partners With Flowbox to Inspire and Engage With User Generated Content

We at Flowbox are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Lékué, the leading kitchenware brand offering innovative products, to embrace their 240,000 friends, followers and fans on social media and increase conversions.

Here’s the official press release that has been picked up by the following media:

Lékué, market leader in cooking and baking products, partnered with visual commerce and marketing platform Flowbox to enrich their customers’ online shopping experience. By gathering photos and videos of customers (User Generated Content) from social media and incorporating these on their website, Lékué inspires and engages with its customers and fans.

Lékué has a total of more than 240,000 followers, friends and fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined. The partnership with Flowbox, the European market leader in visual commerce, gives Lékué the ability to gather hash-tagged photos and videos created and uploaded by their fans, friends and followers and use these photos on their website Lekue.com.

“We noticed that many of our customers were uploading photos and videos of the beautiful and delicious dishes they had prepared with our products on social media. As a brand it is great to see this kind of enthusiasm and engagement amongst your customers. We wanted to incorporate this engagement in our website and were looking for a solution that could bridge the gap between social media and our eCommerce website. The Flowbox platform gathers all the photos, enables us to select the best ones for our website and with the possibility to link a photo to a specific product, we can easily make them ‘shoppable’.”

Mireia Sayeras – Marketing Director at Lékué

Flowbox is a platform that helps brands to increase online conversion by collecting and publishing User Generated photos once they have been posted on social media by customers. Integrating these images into product pages and making them ‘shoppable’ gives website visitors the opportunity to purchase that product directly just by clicking on the photo.

“Lékué is a great example of how actively incorporating customer photos and videos can enrich the online shopping experience. By sharing their hashtag #Lékué in newsletters and on the website, Lékué is actively engaging with its customers and fans worldwide creating a valuable relationship while gathering more visual content to improve the online shopping experience.”

Eulogi Bordas – CEO at Flowbox