Nat & Nin partner with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform to boost community engagement

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Nat & Nin partner with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform to boost community engagement

Parisian handbag and accessory makers Nat & Nin are now working with Flowbox’s premium UGC platform to better engage with younger shoppers, incorporate social proof into their eCommerce shopping journey and boost the online community surrounding their brand. 

Family and women-owned brand Nat & Nin was born in Paris in 2005. Sisters Nathalie and Ninny’s parents worked as leatherworkers and they grew up spending time in their studio near the Canal Saint-Martin where they developed their creative flare and a love for working with leather (especially handbags).

Since 2005 the brand has grown to become an established name with four stores as well as a robust eCommerce site. Nat & Nin designs are practical and long-lasting without compromising on style. They create original retro-inspired, timeless handbags designed with everyday women in mind and chic accessories, footwear, men’s bags and accessories.

As other brands in the fashion industry embrace User Generated Content, Nat & Nin recognised its importance in staying agile within their market. They also recognised UGC’s potential when it comes to building a strong social media community around a brand. 

While a significant portion of Nat & Nin’s customer base falls within the 30 to 45-year-old demographic, the brand is now keen to extend its reach to younger digital-savvy shoppers. One of the driving factors behind incorporating UGC into their strategy was the power that it has to spread the word about products and engage eCommerce shoppers. There is especially a wealth of User Generated Content on TikTok and Instagram created by younger shoppers.

The addition of User Generated Content to a website tends to produce a domino effect, by which shoppers see other consumers getting involved by sharing their photos using a product and are more encouraged to participate in the same kind of digital exchange.

“We wanted to create a strong buzz directly targeting the new generation. The ones who use Instagram or TikTok on a daily basis. We’ve already had our loyal clientele for over 15 years, but the aim here is to make ourselves more attractive to younger people. I think UGC is also a more effective way of interacting with them. So that’s one of the main reasons why we wanted to add UGC to our website.”

Oceane M’bock-um, Head of eCommerce at Nat & Nin

As a brand committed to creating durable products that stand the test of time, Nat & Nin distances itself from the fast fashion category. This deliberate distinction calls for a more thoughtful approach from consumers when making purchasing decisions as it is a purchase made less frequently than when shopping in the fast fashion category. UGC provides additional information that empowers potential buyers to make informed choices more smoothly. 

“Our customers are more selective when it comes to purchasing our products because we are categorized as slow fashion. We are not fast fashion. Our customers need to see our products on more people, we can convert more that way with UGC.” 

Célina Kovindaswamy, Marketing & Communication Manager at Nat & Nin

Nat & Nin understood that gathering, moderating, and distributing consumer content is a very manual process that is too time-consuming for brands to complete in-house. It became apparent that one of the main benefits of working with the right UGC platform would mean that these processes can be performed in one centralised location.

“We knew that adding UGC to our site was a big project and we couldn’t do that alone so we needed some help. We decided to go with the platform that’s best for our needs.”

Oceane M’bock-um, Head of eCommerce at Nat & Nin

When it came to incorporating UGC into product pages, their homepage and a dedicated community page, as well as day-to-day UGC management and measuring its impact with analytics Flowbox was the platform that the team at Nat & Nin felt the most confident in. 

“We decided to work with Flowbox because when we saw the platform, it seemed very easy to use and very intuitive.” 

Célina Kovindaswamy, Marketing & Communication Manager at Nat & Nin

Personalised support, attentiveness, and ongoing collaboration are fundamental to Flowbox’s customer service approach. The team at Nat & Nin were happy to be met with an extraordinarily high level of customer care, which aligns with Flowbox’s commitment to delivering excellent service throughout our collaboration with brands.

“We were looked after by an excellent technical team, and the integration went off without a hitch. For several weeks, a weekly call was set up. It was a pleasant surprise to see Flowbox follow up so seriously from the very first weeks of the project and those that followed.”

Oceane M’bock-um, Head of eCommerce at Nat & Nin 

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Flowbox and the capabilities of our User Generated Content platform, book a demonstration to discover more.