Sustainable cosmetics brand, Natura, awakens customer engagement with authentic User Generated Content

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Sustainable cosmetics brand, Natura, awakens customer engagement with authentic User Generated Content

Natura is a cosmetics brand that aims to awaken the senses with their line of natural products. To give a face to their sustainable cosmetics movement, the brand implemented Europe’s leading User Generated Content platform, Flowbox, into their eCommerce to enhance their online buying journey with authentic customer content. 

By integrating real photos and videos of customers using their products into their online store, the Natura brand is able to visually demonstrate the quality of their products and how they improve consumers’ relationships with their bodies, other people, and the world. 

Marlène Louapre, Head of Marketing & Communication at Natura Europe said, “Today, we sometimes sense that consumers mistrust brands. What is true, what is false, and what is just rumors? Consumers put a certain trust in their peers, other consumers like them, not necessarily influencers. And therefore authenticity is an important guarantee of the credibility of the company. UGC allows products to be shown as they really are, without retouching, and in different contexts of use. It is this reality and this authenticity that consumers are increasingly looking for.”

This kind of social proof helps the brand create a more compelling online buying process where customers can view customer photos and videos from social media and access product pages in one click. 

“When we only have our product images, the products – although of very high quality – often seem unnatural and a little sad. And our Brazilian products are anything but that. Seeing them in a real setting, used by real consumers is much more telling, especially for those who are still hesitant to commit to buying.” Louapre continued, “UGC creates authenticity and closeness. Natura is an ecologically and socially committed company. It has always been a business of relationships, and it is really in line with Natura’s values ​​to let our consumers express their views on our products. It strengthens our proximity to them and the relationship of trust we have with them.”

Sof Michaels, VP of Business Development at Flowbox said, “We’re very happy to welcome Natura to our portfolio of French clients. Natura has strong foundations in place to elevate their online shopping journey and further enhance their social brand values by partnering with Flowbox. The introduction of shoppable authentic UGC will bring social proof to the website which will no doubt boost sales conversion.”

And the collaboration has already proven to be fruitful. Louapre said,“The sales team is very responsive, they provide us with good proposals and the implementation is very fast. In just 10 days, we had already integrated the solution into our eCommerce site, and we are very happy with it.”

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