Fashion & Apparel brand, Natura, inspires with a 360°online ecosystem thanks to authentic User Generated Content

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Fashion & Apparel brand, Natura, inspires with a 360°online ecosystem thanks to authentic User Generated Content

Natura is a fashion, apparel, and home goods brand with a powerful personality that promotes inclusivity and human connection, while embracing their notably natural aesthetic. Over the last 30 years, they have built a strong community of customers that identify with the Natura lifestyle and truly are fans of the brand.

With the goal of magnifying the fandom they see on social media, Natura has turned to Flowbox, Europe’s leading User Generated Content platform, to implement a UGC strategy into their eCommerce that will further expand upon the online engagement that they see on platforms like Instagram.

Alexandra Martínez, Digital Marketing Manager of Natura said, “We wanted to use UGC on our website to help create a 360º online ecosystem, where all of the points of contact are connected.” 

Alba Villanueva, Brand Manager & Communication of Natura added, “UGC seemed like an interesting way to boost the community that we’ve already created, and it was a way to give it visibility within our website, while continuing to encourage users to share our products online. And the fact that you can see our products shared by a real person really aligns with the values of the brand.”

By integrating authentic customer images from social media featuring the Natura brand into multiple touchpoints within their online shopping journey, the brand is able to create a more comprehensive online ecosystem that generates more engagement and conversions by itself. 

Martínez said, “At an eBusiness level, the points that Alba mentioned have also helped in gaining more traction in sales because it generates credibility. And supporting product pages with images of real users helps a lot with selling because it really encourages shoppers to make a purchase.”

Eulogi Bordas, CEO and Co-Founder of Flowbox said, “The commitment that the Natura team has made to enriching its digital ecosystem with UGC demonstrates the company’s strong dedication to providing a fully adapted shopping experience to new online buying habits. We are excited about this innovative collaboration and that they have trusted us to execute it.”As a brand that is focused on promoting a natural aesthetic, UGC is the perfect marketing tool for highlighting the value of authenticity that is characteristic of Natura’s style. 

“We have physical stores that are really alive thanks to the volume of products and diversity that we offer, but our eCommerce is just more static. It’s difficult to translate this life that you have in a physical store to online, but we believe that User Generated Content really helps us bring this dynamic side of shopping in person to the online store,” said Villanueva.

This dynamism is already doing its work in their eCommerce, thanks to a quick and seamless integration. As Villanueva noted, “We decided to work with Flowbox because of how easy and quick it was to implement the tool into our website. The platform offers an adaptable service based on our interests that we can continue to take further as we go on depending on the results that we see.”

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