How Scandanivian design store, Nordliebe, highlights brand lifestyle and identity through multiple UGC touchpoints

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How Scandanivian design store, Nordliebe, highlights brand lifestyle and identity through multiple UGC touchpoints

As a concept store for Scandinavian design with an international audience, Nordliebe has built a name for itself as a benchmark in the market for home decor and consumer goods products. Their keen eye for product styling has helped them create a brand identity based upon strong lifestyle trends that appeal to a wide audience.  

We sat down with the CEO of Nordliebe, Helene Stolzenberg, to better understand how they earned the engagement that they see online and turned it into online sales thanks to their UGC partnership with Flowbox. And today, we’d like to share our learnings and the actionable steps that can help you achieve similar results. 

So read on to see how Nordliebe built these inviting lifestyle values for the brand by implementing authentic User Generated Content into their online presence across various touchpoints following these simple steps:

  • Define brand lifestyle identities 
  • Prominently feature these lifestyle trends in relation to products
  • Encourage customers to post similar content using brand products
  • Collect this content through a User Generated Content (UGC) platform 
  • Curate it into UGC lifestyle collections to be highlighted on the brand website
  • Track performance in the analytics suite of the UGC platform 

By the end, you’ll learn how this strategy helped Nordliebe increase their average order value by 67.91% and maintain a 9.18% conversion rate of people who interact with their UGC, plus how you can see similar metrics by applying the same strategies to your online store.

How Nordliebe leveraged brand lifestyle identities within UGC collections to create a captivating online strategy

Speaking with Helene Stolzenberg, CEO of Nordliebe, it is instantly clear the importance that Nordliebe puts on the brand aesthetic and cultivating a unique style that audiences can easily fall in love with. As a design store with products meant to brighten up the homes, kitchens, and living spaces of consumers, the brand naturally lends itself to contributing to the lifestyles of their customers. 

But Helene wanted to take this idea to the next level. 

Establishing brand lifestyle identities and connecting products to them

“I wanted to integrate a UGC collection with a specific topic, which is what I like about Flowbox: it lets me be creative and flexible.”

Helene Stolzenberg, CEO of Nordliebe

As a way to inspire customers to use Nordliebe’s stylish cookware, Helene took to Instagram to share recipes made with their products, hoping to appeal to the lifestyle of cooking at home in a Scandanvian style kitchen. High quality photos of their products perfectly presenting interesting dishes inspired their audience to not only engage with the brand but also try the recipes and post their own images of their creations made with Nordliebe cook and homeware. 

More and more people began asking for the recipes from Instagram so Helene decided to create a page that featured them on the Nordliebe website. 

She explained, “I was baking a lot, and we realized that a lot of people were asking for the recipes because they saw them on Instagram. So we started a page with the recipes and my webshop manager said, ‘That’s not going to work, let’s just produce as much content as possible about our products because that’s just a magazine with recipes.’ He was totally against it. And I said, ‘We have to display them somewhere because people ask for them so let’s just use the website and not create another blog.’ Then, at some point he came to me and said, ‘You know how most people reach our website? They Google your recipes and then land on our website!’ So it really worked.”

With that lifestyle identity defined, the brand was then able to do even more with this engagement, i.e. making an impact on their online revenue. 

Creating collections of customer content featuring these compelling lifestyle trends

Recognizing how successfully this lifestyle resonates with their audience based on the engagement they were seeing on both Instagram and their webshop, Helene knew she could take it even further. 

By collecting the high-quality photos and videos that customers were sharing of their own renditions of her recipes on Instagram and integrating them within the recipes page on the Nordliebe website, the brand was able to multiply the engagement that they were seeing surrounding the cooking lifestyle and turn it into actual sales. 

This was done with the help of their partnership with UGC platform, Flowbox. Through this advanced visual commerce technology, the brand is able to easily manage and curate their customer content by creating shoppable UGC collections that highlight their brand lifestyles in an efficient and effective way. 

Helene said, “We have a widget to display all of the baking user generated pictures, which features all sorts of different products, all related to baking. Our UGC baking widget is really nice because most of the input comes from food bloggers and the pictures are really, really great. It’s as if you’re looking through it, like a magazine, and thinking ‘Ok I want to do this, what is this? What is that?’ and all of it contains products from us. When you click them, you’re brought directly to the product.”

With this process figured out, Nordliebe was able to apply it to other lifestyle trends related to the brand.

She continued, “We started selling high-quality flowers so that the store would look really nice from the outside. And within a short time, we became one of the best flower stores in Berlin – and  people were talking about it. A lot of people took really nice pictures outside our stores, with our flowers and everything. So I decided to write an article about the flowers including how we buy them, what’s important for us, and how you can make sure that they are of good quality. So I also started a Flowbox Collection because we have different flowers in fall and summer and winter – and now customers can also see how the seasons are changing there.”

By attracting customers with lifestyle indicators, like the recipes and the flowers, the brand is able to relate to their customer base on different levels through their stylish UGC collections. This not only encourages more people to post content featuring their products but then uses these images to augment the engagement that they see in their online store. Which ultimately increases their online sales. 

Helene added, “I wanted to integrate a UGC collection with a specific topic, which is what I like about Flowbox: it lets me be creative and flexible. It lets me develop the integration based on certain input from customers, enabling me to integrate that input into my strategy. I think the way Flowbox is built allows people to really work with it, and that’s really good.”

Tracking the performance of lifestyle collections to continuously improve their strategy

“It’s amazing – even after a couple of weeks you could already see a lot of revenue coming through Flowbox.”

Helene Stolzenberg, CEO of Nordliebe

Thanks to their Flowbox collections, Nordliebe is able to be more imaginative with their visual journey, adding pertinent UGC into various points within the online selling process. As a brand that’s focused on design, presenting innovative and fresh approaches to visual content is crucial for customer retention and engagement. 

And they see the difference in the numbers

With authentic UGC, they’ve seen a 67.19% average order value increase with 9.18% of people interacting with this content purchasing a product, which they easily track through the Flowbox analytics suite. 

Helene said, “It’s amazing – even after a couple of weeks you could already see a lot of revenue coming through Flowbox. And now that our UGC collections are so big, it’s an income source for us that’s equivalent to what the newsletter makes, which I think is quite impressive. The newsletter goes out and it’s out there, but Flowbox stays. It’s something you can always look at over and over again; it’s an investment of time into something that remains on your website and that’s what I really like about it.”

And this isn’t just a special case. Many brands around the world are finding success with this strategy, and that list could include yours. 

Helene concluded, “Sometimes I look through everything that we have in our UGC collections, and I just think about how great the material is. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time, and I was so happy as soon as I could do it.”

How you can apply this strategy to your online buying journey

With the help of dynamic UGC collections integrated into various touchpoints along the shopping journey, Nordliebe discovered an authentic way to refocus customer attention on their products, while maintaining interest in these captivating lifestyle communications. And they’ve seen a positive impact on not only their engagement – but their online sales. 

If you’d like to apply a similar strategy to your online buying journey, use their simple model by following these 6 steps:

  1. Define your brand lifestyle identities. Ask yourself: what are people talking about on Instagram and how can I get my products involved in those conversations? Your answers are a great place to start!
  2. Prominently feature your defined lifestyle trends in relation to your products. On your Instagram feed as well as on specific pages within your eCommerce store to gain more traffic there.
  3. Encourage customers to post similar content using brand products. If you’ve picked meaningful brand lifestyle identities, you should quickly see customers latching on to them and posting their own content.
  4. Collect this content through a User Generated Content (UGC) platform. Learn more about how a UGC platform can help you improve your online buying journey through various touchpoints.
  5. Curate it into lifestyle collections to be highlighted on specific pages on their website. Pick a platform that allows you to be flexible with your integrations to create galleries that really highlight your products.
  6. Track performance in the analytics suite of their UGC platform. See how well your collections are performing then adjust them based on top-performing images and users so that you’re always putting your best content forward.

If you need help with this process, reach out to our team! We’d love to guide you on how you can successfully achieve this strategy within your own online ecosystem using Europe’s leading UGC platform, Flowbox.