Omoda partners with Europe’s leading UGC solution, Flowbox

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Omoda partners with Europe’s leading UGC solution, Flowbox

Omoda is a Dutch family company, specialized in shoes with bags and accessories also within their product catalogue. Started back in 1875, they opened their online shop in 2007, becoming one of the first shoe brands to do so. 

One of their goals has always been to inspire customers along their shopping journey, which has stirred the brand to seek out a partnership with Europe’s leader in User Generated Content (UGC), Flowbox

User Generated Content is visual content shared by users on social media, which features a brand’s products in action. This content can be collected by a UGC platform and integrated into the brand’s eCommerce website to increase conversions and engagement – as demonstrated by Omoda. 

“We had all of this social content, and we strive to be an inspiring company. So we thought: Why don’t we just put all of this content on our webpage to inspire our customers even more?” said Iris Teunissen, who heads Influencer Marketing at Omoda. 

To achieve this goal, they sought out the best solution for their customer content integration based on their specific criteria.

“We came up with a checklist of all the things we wanted from a UGC solution, then we did thorough research with five UGC providers – including demos with all of them. We ultimately chose Flowbox because it offered us everything we wanted for the best value,” said Teunissen. 

“We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious and high quality brand like Omoda to our client portfolio, further strengthening our foothold and showcasing our dominance in the Dutch market,” said VP of Business Development, Sof Michaels. “Omoda has extremely strong foundations and all the ingredients required to succeed with social shopping. We are very much looking forward to a long term successful and innovative partnership.”

UGC is 5X more likely to convert than professional content, and this is only augmented with an attractive integration. “The widgets are really clean, and they really do fit into each and every website. The back-end management tool, for myself, is very easy to work with. We strongly believe in the power of consumer to consumer communication and that inspiring content needs to be shared. Also it is very important to us that the owners of the pictures get the credit they deserve. All of this is easily arranged with a few clicks in the back-end.” said Teunissen.

All of this, and more, can be done directly through the Flowbox platform, with the ability to track all movements through the advanced analytics suite.