Dazzle your online customers with discount releases using Flowbox’s exciting new countdown feature

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Dazzle your online customers with discount releases using Flowbox’s exciting new countdown feature

Here at Flowbox, we believe that keeping eCommerce ventures fresh and exciting is a crucial way to maintain customer engagement and encourage higher online conversion rates. And there’s no better way to do that than by connecting your marketing with seasonal promotions and campaigns.

Time-specific visuals and promotions allow brands to capitalize on specific occasions and sell products effectively during highly competitive spending periods. Because what stands out better than an inviting and novel eCommerce integration?

Take Christmas for example, sales are always increased during this time. The National Retail Federation expects holiday sales to increase by 8.5% to 10.5% during November and December of 2021, resulting in between 843.4 and 859 billion dollars in added revenue. Post pandemic, consumers are increasingly completing shopping online from the comfort of their homes, so there is a lot to be gained from engaging these customers that are ready to spend. That’s why we set our sites on developing a tool for eCommerce brands that allows them to make the most of holiday shopping demands.

Say hello to our Flowbox Countdown Feature! This new addition to the Flowbox toolbelt could just be a groundbreaking part of your User Generated Content platform based strategy, helping to build suspense around busy periods by creating themed moments of interaction that make a lasting impact.

Making things memorable: Create profitable interactions with your audience from season-to-season

Here at Flowbox, we know that reaching out to customers in a noteworthy way is a key ingredient to eCommerce success. Thankfully, we can help you utilize countdown-based User Generated Content features that optimize your sales performance and customer interaction rates.

Our UGC integrations are a proven way to enhance the overall user experience of your eCommerce, encouraging potential customers to interact with the website. Using UGC in your online store can help your brand to stand out from the crowd, create a memorable experience that stays with the customer, and often results in the user spending much more time on a page than they would otherwise. And the longer the customer is engaged with your page, the more opportunity there is to convert them.

Advertising campaigns around celebratory events and periods are set to hyperdrive – companies are all vying for the attention of consumers, and traditional forms of advertising meant brands wanting to increase their sales were spending a lot of time and money working on time period based campaigns. Our countdown feature boasts User Generated Content – content that is completely free to generate.

Not only is this content free and automated but consumers actually tend to trust UGC more than more archaic forms of advertising, seeing themselves reflected in a brand’s campaign and investing in the authenticity of images or videos created by everyday people. Buying gifts for a loved one, for example, is born out of an authentic desire to make them happy, so why would your marketing strategy not come from an authentic standpoint?

An inspired countdown feature that revolutionizes your UGC integration

So how do you adapt your User Generated Content strategy to function at the next level? Well, UGC is undoubtedly a highly effective mechanism on its own, but when teamed with a themed countdown feature that creates a sense of date-specific urgency around an online sale, conversion rate results are set to skyrocket on your eCommerce store.

Countdown calendars are an incredible way to get your customers excited about discounts. By sparking joy and celebrating with the customer during the countdown, you can not only present themed User Generated Content in a new and interactive way but you can also drive up sales and offer deals that get customers to finalize their purchases. So, do you want your discounts to be presented in an interesting way that feels fun and exclusive? Our countdown feature does exactly that.

Originally inspired by festive advent calendars and the way in which they create a suspenseful countdown to Christmas celebrations, our countdown feature presents customers with mystery boxes containing daily gifts, like discount codes or exclusive content. And our product is useful for all seasons; it’s a fantastic way to encourage sales around for popular holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Thanksgiving, or specific spending periods like back-to-school and end-of-season sales.

The Flowbox Countdown Feature gives you the ability to specify the number of mystery boxes and dates you would like to be included in your countdown, upload the image behind them (UGC images or otherwise), add winning captions and enticing discount codes or snappy content.

Maquillalia Mystery Box Opened to Reveal 30% Discount on Skincare Product
Mystery Box in Flowbox Countdown Feature on Maquillalia Website Revealing a 30% Discount

Our countdown feature has the added appeal of boasting date-specific releases, which can motivate consumers to head back to your website to unlock a deal or piece of information that is exclusively being released on that particular day. Not only does this open up more potential for online sales, but it also creates more traffic on your website – exposing consumers to your visually appealing UGC and educating them on your product range.

Plus, the tool is customizable, so you can adapt your daily surprises to fit your brand’s message and the occasion at hand as well as incorporating User Generated Content into your campaign.

Flowbox’s Countdown Feature updates your UGC content automatically, saving you precious time that can be spent on other tasks. Not only does it update automatically but it is easy to use, making it a straightforward and effective solution for your digital marketing needs.

Everybody loves a good deal and there are a plethora of different benefits when it comes to offering customer discounts via our exciting new feature. Offering discount codes can encourage new first-time customers to try out your products, they can substantially increase sales volumes, keep existing clientele loyal, allow you to make way for new inventory, and increase online traffic to your website.

By connecting customers with a calendar of discounts, this feature gives them a time period in which they can complete their purchases at a lower price – meaning an increased desire to make purchases fast.

Closing a sale can be hard, but using time-specific discount codes set up via a smart holiday feature can be an excellent way to get an online consumer over the line. By offering customers a good deal you can create a positive mental association with your brand.

As is customary with our features, our countdown tool provides useful data for our clients that helps them to make decisions about strategy. Brands can determine which discounts or pieces of content are performing the highest and reintroduce them into future days of their countdown or leave them active as the countdown continues. Adaptably in online ventures is key, so users of the tool don’t need to complete all of the days of the countdown in advance, date releases can be added as the campaign evolves.

Enhance your already winning Flowbox UGC toolkit

When it comes to interactive widgets the possibilities for forging stronger engagement with potential customers are endless. This product allows you to creatively express your brand’s message and introduce discounts and exclusive content to customers in a way that never gets old.

Every day we help our broad client base achieve the best possible results using our state-of-the-art UGC technology. Allow us to provide you with the key to unlocking conversions.

So how can you get started on your countdown marketing journey? Have a chat with one of our friendly Customer Success Managers who will guide you through how our Countdown Feature can become a game-changing part of your Flowbox integration or if you’re looking to up your marketing strategy and learn more about Flowbox then book a demo today.