Flowbox and Multiply partner together to help brands inspire their eCommerce customers

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Flowbox and Multiply partner together to help brands inspire their eCommerce customers

Flowbox and Multiply recently announced their partnership, further helping brands to improve their online user experience and conversion rates.

Flowbox’s Visual Commerce platform enables brands to collect the content featuring their products that’s been generated by fans on social media and turn it into a social shopping experience to increase engagement and eCommerce revenue.

Posting the User Generated images and videos collected through the platform into stylish galleries and carousels on their clients’ eCommerce websites, this content is then made shoppable – adding a new dimension to the online buying experience.

Together with Multiply, brands will have the opportunity to provide a more cohesive brand experience online.

Inspiring online customers with a compelling buyer experience

Moreover, this partnership will enable brands to further develop their online shopping journey by creating more compelling user experiences through this visual content. Plus, the data analysis capabilities of both parties helps clients better understand how well they are converting customers and how to improve their eCommerce strategies in the future.

You can see an example of this through Dutch shoe brand, Blackstone, which uses Flowbox’s technology and Multiply’s expertise to enhance their online buying process with User Generated Content.

With this technology, Blackstone is able to sell their premium products through the eyes of their customers. By providing this crucial link between social shopping and eCommerce, online shoppers have a better idea of the quality of the products, how to style them, and what they look like in real life.

Eulogi Bordas, CEO of Flowbox stated, “Visual UGC is becoming a key marketing component to properly reach and engage with younger audiences, and I am thrilled that Multiply, one of the leading and fastest growing eCommerce agencies in the Netherlands, has partnered with us to enable their customer base to work with such content. I am sure that our advanced Visual Commerce technology will bring value to their clients and will help Multiply to always be one-step ahead in this space.”

Lennart Koetsier, Founder of Multiply: “Our customers are always looking for new ways to position themselves better on the web. Generating a brand experience in an authentic way by activating your target group is really cool. You save costs on both photography and content creation and at the same time use the creativity of your fans. We really believe Flowbox, as a leading Visual Commerce solution, can add value for brands, wholesalers and retailers alike”.

If you are looking for more info on Flowbox or if you want to request a demo, contact us here.