Salgar boosts their digital presence by inspiring online customers with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform

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Salgar boosts their digital presence by inspiring online customers with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform

Salgar is a family-owned bathroom design brand from Spain that has been in business for more than 70 years. In order to maintain their competitive edge in the B2B market, they recognized the need to turn their in-person community of dedicated followers into a digital-sphere of brand loyalists. 

That’s why they turned to Flowbox, Europe’s leading User Generated Content solution, to facilitate their transition into the digital world by providing customers with a more compelling online buying experience. 

By integrating high-quality customer content featuring their products into their online marketing, the brand is able to sell their bathroom designs through images and videos from social media that demonstrate their value in real life settings. Plus, it’s the perfect way to create authentic content that the brand does not need to generate itself. 

Rebeca Magallón, eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Salgar, said, “The images in our product catalogue are rendered, meaning they’re not real images of the products. So we wanted to provide real images of our products on our site. This is what our users wanted to see and often ask for: the products in real environments.” 

She added, “What UGC demonstrates, particularly for the end customer, is how the product looks in a real environment, a real bathroom. It’s not the same to see the product in a rendered image, as it is to see how it looks in a photograph.”

Through this partnership, the brand is able to achieve both goals with one tool. First, they create a more engaging buying journey that provides the kind of content that customers crave. Second, they do this without having to spend brand resources on creating high-quality content. 

Eulogi Bordas, CEO of Flowbox, said, “We’re really happy to be able to provide value to a B2B brand, like Salgar, who’s looking to upgrade how they sell their products in the B2B market with a customer-centered approach. It’s really impressive how they’ve grasped the potential to leverage content posted by their community to continue inspiring their base of B2B customers that’s made up of contractors, architects, designers, and more. We’re excited for this partnership and are grateful that they’ve trusted us as their UGC solution.” 

On her experience with the platform, Rebeca stated, “Really, I think the Flowbox tool is very simple because it indicates who has tagged us on social media and we’re then able to very quickly choose the category where we want to include the image. And the changes appear as soon as you open the website. We’ve seen that the tool fits really well, is simple to use, and resolves all our problems.” 

Alongside the usability and adaptability of the platform, we’ve also seen that UGC is 5X more likely to convert than professional content. If you want to see similar results in your eCommerce, learn for yourself how to implement a UGC strategy with Flowbox.