Salsa Jeans partners with Europe’s leading UGC solution, Flowbox

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Salsa Jeans partners with Europe’s leading UGC solution, Flowbox

Salsa Jeans is a Portuguese jeans brand that focuses on technical jeans for both men and women. With 25 years not only in the Portuguese market but also in other 34 countries around the world, they were looking for fresh ways to reach customers and invite them to take part in the brand. 

That’s why they joined forces with Flowbox, Europe’s leading User Generated Content (UGC) solution, which allows them to collect content created by their customers on social media to integrate into their eCommerce store.

Simão Figueiredo, eCommerce and UX Specialist with Salsa, said, “We are trying to give our customers the real context of our clothes, and how they look on the street and in real life. We don’t get that side of it from our eCommerce photos because we are taking those in our studios, and it’s not the same feeling as when you see real people wearing those jeans in different places, on the street, at the beach, wherever. That was what inspired us to look for a partner like Flowbox.”

Using Flowbox technology, the brand selects and manages authentic social content posted by happy customers. They then upload the content into their eCommerce, making it shoppable – which, in turn, helps to improve their online shopping journey and increase conversions. 

“The process since the beginning has been amazing. Since the first call and tour of the platform, it’s been super easy to configure it and track it – it’s super easy for us,” Figueiredo continued. “These photos on our website are performing super well, above expectations. Plus, the integration gives a new feeling in the website – it’s completely different.”

With their new UGC integration, they found the fresh solution that they were looking for and have seen improvements in their eCommerce performance because of it. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Portugal’s leading fashion brand Salsa Jeans to our portfolio of eCommerce brands,” stated Sof Michaels, VP of Business Development at Flowbox. He continued, “Especially happy to see the customised integration of the ‘Shop the Look’ gallery with our Collections feature. This was executed with a speedy turnaround, highlighting the simplicity of our integrations and the top level delivery our widgets bring both technically and aesthetically.”

Because UGC is 5X more likely to convert than professionally shot brand content, Salsa Jeans was not only able to achieve the goal of modernizing their eCommerce but also saw an increase in sales thanks to their UGC integration.