Sisters Republic partners with Flowbox to strengthen its leadership in an increasingly competitive market

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Sisters Republic partners with Flowbox to strengthen its leadership in an increasingly competitive market

Leading period underwear makers Sisters Republic have partnered with top UGC platform Flowbox. Discover how User Generated Content is a key piece of the puzzle that allows the brand to gather meaningful content that aligns with their strong brand values and helps them to maintain agile in a competitive marketplace. 

Sisters Republic is a French brand that makes comfortable and stylish period panties that their customers can feel great in. They use high-quality, washable, and environmentally friendly materials that are guaranteed to be free of any nasty chemicals.

Disposable sanitary products are not only bad for the environment but the cumulative cost of them is ultimately a drain on the wallet of the consumer. Sisters Republic have directly combated these issues by creating beautiful, functional and durable period underwear that lasts for 5 to 7 years. 

UGC provides an edge in a competitive market

Period underwear is such a valuable alternative to more traditional sanitary products that the market has boomed in recent years. One of the reasons that Sisters Republic decided to include User Generated Content in their marketing strategy is the fact that it allows them to gather more consumer-driven content that helps them to stand out in a highly competitive market. 

“UGC is really important because since 2021 in France there have been lots and lots of new brands emerging in our sector. We were swimming in an ocean of new period panty brands and it was really, really important for us to have more and more content, and to encourage more and more people to share their experiences wearing our products on social networks.”

Marie Le Bris, Head of Communications at Sisters Republic 

Periods can be an uncomfortable reality for those who experience them and the brand offers an alternative that is both fashionable and functional. This plays a part in directly improving the lives of the consumers using their products and is an experience that many women want to share with others in the hope that they might feel the same.  

Sisters Republic pride themselves on making excellent products, and once consumers have purchased them their usefulness, elegance and cost-effectiveness speak for themselves on a monthly basis. These happy customers actually prove to be the best advocate, as the content they create offers a trustworthy form of social proof that verifies the fact that the products truly live up to the hype drummed up by the brand itself.  

“We create very good products and we are really sure that they work. But right now it’s very important to have UGC, because our customers can talk about their experiences, and they can talk about our products better than we can. But what’s better than the opinion of someone who wears a product and is really convinced that it works? Nowadays there is lots and lots of advertising out there, including lots of content on social networks and even on websites. So it’s really important to have content that involves customers sharing their real-life experiences. I think UGC stands out for that reason.”

Marie Le Bris, Head of Communications at Sisters Republic 

Large volumes of the right consumer-generated content were out there, but Sisters Republic needed a way to efficiently automate the process of gathering, organising and displaying it. That’s where Flowbox’s winning User Generated Content technology became an ideal solution. 

“In today’s generation, a lot of people just share everything that they buy or that they do. When they are really convinced by a product and they love it, they want to share that with their friends, especially if it’s a product that changes their life. So, yeah, it’s not so difficult to convince people to share on social networks but more about having a way to collect it.

Marie Le Bris, Head of Communications at Sisters Republic 

Nurturing the creation of meaningful content from an empowered customer base 

Sisters Republic is an inclusivity-driven brand that believes that everyone deserves to feel good about their products. In fact, they offer a size range of 32 to 48, an offering that is not mirrored by all underwear brands. They wanted to integrate more content on their website that reflects real-world diversity and empowers those consuming it.

Adding Flowbox’s state-of-the-art widgets to its website has aided the brand in opening up its content strategy to include natural images of everyday people, made by everyday people. This sends a very clear message that in turn can encourage a diverse range of people to feel comfortable sharing their content and getting involved in the positive, proud and supportive digital community that the brand has nurtured. 

Interested in learning more about the capabilities of Flowbox’s UGC platform? Book a demonstration to discover more.