Ternua commits to User Generated Content

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Ternua commits to User Generated Content

Ternua is a sustainable outdoor clothes brand in Spain that belongs to the Ternua group. Their primary strategy has always been to create a community grounded in the values of the brand, which include their commitment to sustainability, enjoying the great outdoors, and more. 

With this community of valuable brand followers, Ternua has taken a leap and committed to User Generated Content through their partnership with Europe’s leader in visual commerce, Flowbox. Thanks to this collaboration, Ternua is able to collect social content generated by users and integrate it into their eCommerce store. With this content, customers can see their products “in-real life” through the images of Ternua clients wearing their clothing and accessories. This authentic content featuring their products helps the brand elevate their online shopping journey, while building an even stronger community rooted in the principles of the brand. 

Asier Balza, Digital Marketing Manager of Ternua Group, said, “We had the idea that we wanted to improve the photos that we show of our products in our eCommerce, and we liked the fact that User Generated Content brings more value to them. So that was when we realized that including UGC in our social galleries on our eCommerce fit perfectly into our strategy.” 

With Flowbox, the brand can easily collect customer content to integrate directly into their eCommerce store. This content is then made shoppable to help increase eCommerce conversions and revenue. 

Eulogi Bordas, CEO of Flowbox added, “Through our experience working with hundreds of brands across the globe we have seen that selling online has become more complex and brands need to go beyond the norm to truly create a compelling shopping experience. We strongly believe that Ternua is on the right path by crediting and involving their community of customers, friends and fans throughout the whole brand journey. No doubt it will reflect back in their eCommerce performance.

Balza continued, “The truth is I’m delighted by the Flowbox platform. I’m often the person who manages it daily and it’s very easy, intuitive, and effective. Really the platform is designed in a way that everything is done behind-the-scenes, so that you don’t have to lose time with the interface.”

The brand, which works with Magento to create their online shop, was also delighted to see that Flowbox’s platform is built with a specific integration for Magento users. Balza stated, “You always expect the topic of integration to be a bit complicated, but the Flowbox integration turned out to be very easy. We work with Magento and the fact that they have a module that’s already developed specifically for Magento helped so much.”

Because UGC is 5X more likely to convert than professionally shot brand content, Ternua was able to achieve their goal of using their online community and expects to see an increase of online sales because of it.