Vertbaudet Iberia inspires future families by strengthening their eCommerce with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform

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Vertbaudet Iberia inspires future families by strengthening their eCommerce with Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform

Vertbaudet Iberia is a baby and children’s brand with clothing, apparel, and accessories for growing families. They have recently employed Flowbox’s advanced User Generated Content (UGC) platform in order to supercharge their eCommerce with social proof. 

Thanks to their adorable products that are known to spark joy, Vertbaudet found that a lot of happy families were posting high quality content featuring the brand on social media in real life settings. They recognized the value that this kind of content could bring to their online store and went in search of a UGC platform that would meet all of their eCommerce needs. 

That was when they found Europe’s leading solution, Flowbox, which they discovered has the capacity to unlock the anticipated benefits of a UGC strategy. 

Paulo Oliveira, Digital Marketing Manager at Vertbaudet Iberia, said “We wanted to use UGC in our online strategy to allow us to show our products in real life situations with real babies to create an empathetic touch and interaction with our customers. These photos have an effect on the credibility of our products, plus we can use them on other channels (newsletters, etc) through Flowbox. It really helps us to improve the shopping experience in such a sensitive market.” 

Through their Flowbox integration, the brand is able to collect customer created content from social media and integrate it directly into their eCommerce store to increase conversions and engagement. Now, while online shoppers browse the latest trends in baby fashion and apparel on their website, they can also see real infants celebrating their first years of life with the brand.

Speaking about the integration, Paulo stated, “We are in the beginning stages and have a way to go before we implement the full strategy. At the moment, we show the photos on our home page and we plan to integrate them into product pages as well.” With an advanced integration of this nature, the brand is able to enrich their product pages with the kind of social proof that it takes to convert in our social media savvy world.

Eulogi Bordas, CEO of Flowbox, shared, “It’s thrilling to see brands in this market taking on a strong strategy that celebrates their customers: families. The commitment that the Vertbaudet team has made to enhancing its online strategies with UGC demonstrates their dedication to creating a compelling online buying journey based on the taste of their consumers. We are excited to be working with them and are grateful that they’ve trusted us as their partners.”

On the partnership, Paulo added, “We decided to work with Flowbox for two reasons: their portfolio of clients and the enthusiasm that the CEO, Eulogi Bordas, demonstrated to work with us.” 

This enthusiasm goes beyond just the Vertbaudet website, and extends to encouraging the brand to create a digital ecosystem dedicated to the customer experience, in which brands connect with their audience on a deeper level. Reinforcing each touchpoint with authentic customer content is key to building these relationships, as Vertbaudet is demonstrating today. 

If you want to create a similar integration in your eCommerce, learn for yourself how to implement a UGC strategy with Flowbox.