Wesco partners with UGC platform Flowbox to boost social proof in their eCommerce-only store

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Wesco partners with UGC platform Flowbox to boost social proof in their eCommerce-only store

Wesco, a French brand that creates products designed for children, has partnered with Flowbox. Continue reading to get to know how the partnership has allowed Wesco to build authenticity around their products and showcase how their products actually look in real environments.

Founded in 1975, Wesco has the goal of helping children to grow up in the best way possible. Focusing on safety and quality, the brand offers more than 15000 products aimed for children such as furniture, teaching materials, and games.

Involved in all stages of their products’ lifecycle, from creation to distribution, Wesco produces timeless products that are designed to be passed down from one generation to the next. It is therefore no surprise that Wesco products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

An essential supplier to the trade since its beginnings, when Wesco first opened its doors to the general public, the brand wanted to be as active as possible on social media in order to gain a community of loyal customers. This strong emphasis on their social media activities is continuing today through their presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Specializing in distance selling through its catalog and eCommerce site, the brand is extremely aware of the need to show how their products are used in real life, as their customers cannot access them in showrooms or stores. 

“For us, it was important to be able to show the products and their uses, to be able to show them in real conditions. We really wanted to show that our products made for professionals are also perfectly suited to the general public.”

Edwige Giret, Communications Manager at Wesco

In order to help potential customers better visualize the uses of their products, Wesco decided to showcase User Generated Content on their eCommerce site. This was a logical choice, as the benefits of User Generated Content is that it boosts the social proof and authenticity of products online.

“User Generated Content allows us to collect photos that are very authentic. It really makes sense on our product pages. Our visitors can find real-life photos from other clients, which makes us different to the traditional commercial approach. The UGC enables us to make our brand more human.”

Edwige Giret, Communications Manager at Wesco
Child playing with Wesco Trucks and Mat with Products Linked via Flowbox.

Wesco is now convinced that the use of User Generated Content serves the same purpose as an in-store experience. UGC can answer important questions that potential customers might have, such as the different uses of the product, or whether a piece of furniture will fit in a room, by providing authentic context.

The Flowbox platform has allowed the brand to profit from the many positives that UGC brings to eCommerce sites. After an initial meeting with our team, Wesco were convinced that Flowbox was the right platform for them.

“The presentation of the tool was provided by Emeline, and she was able to answer all of our questions. Her very good knowledge of the tool confirmed that we made the right choice.”

Adeline Robel, Digital Marketing Manager at Wesco

The Wesco team found the implementation of the Flowbox platform quick and hassle-free.  The few queries that the brand had during the onboarding process were quickly resolved by the Customer Success team.

“The integration of Flowbox went very well and was done on schedule (in less than a fortnight). Teresa and the support team responded quickly to all of our requests. The integration with Magento 2 went very well.”

Adeline Robel, Digital Marketing Manager at Wesco