Improving the online buying experience by offering higher quality visuals thanks to UGC


Increase in interaction rate


The Story

Casa Viva is a brand that offers a wide variety of home goods, household items, cooking and kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, decorative products, as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. With more than 65 years in the market, they have a robust eCommerce and around 30 physical stores across Spain and Andorra.

With a wide range of products within their product catalogue, Casa Viva was looking to generate content that would show-off every single one of their home products in a clear, inspiring, and attractive way.


With a large range and variety of home goods, Casa Viva was confronted with the challenge of visually showing off all of their products to their users in an interesting and engaging way.

For this reason, they decided to implement a User Generated Content strategy into their eCommerce. 

“We have more than 10,000 products that are in constant rotation. Thanks to Flowbox, our users can share inspiring images of our products in their own homes, which turns out to be a huge help in creating content for our eCommerce. In this way, the user can visualize our brand in a more natural setting that’s closer to home.”

Gabriela Cid, Digital Marketing Manager at Casa Viva


As customers post images and videos featuring the brand’s products in real life settings on social media, the brand is then able to collect this content and integrate it into their eCommerce. With the use of UGC, the Casa Viva team now has access to more attractive and engaging images of their products without having to produce it themselves. 

Not only does it help them fill their eCommerce with imagery featuring their products, but these are also visuals that are much more compelling and tell real life stories of how customers use their products to decorate their homes. 

“Aside from helping us create interesting content for our community, UGC is a way of transmitting confidence to our customers. We strive for honesty and transparency always, and for that reason we like that it’s our own clients who are showing off and recommending our products. What’s more, these images give potential customers ideas of how to use or style the products and inspire them to get the best use out of them.”

Gabriela Cid, Digital Marketing Manager at Casa Viva

All of this has brought the brand exactly what they were hoping for: a 4.1% increase in their interaction rate with the help of high-quality User Generated Content. 

Thanks to UGC, the brand has been able to build stronger relationships with their clients, establishing more sincere relationships with them, all the while increasing their conversions within their eCommerce.


Increase in interaction rate


“Integrating Flowbox into our website was really easy. And the Customer Success team has always been ready to help us with any question or concern that we’ve had. All in all, we’re super satisfied with what Flowbox offers to our customers in terms of the online buying experience.”  

Gabriela Cid, Digital Marketing Manager at Casa Viva