How Cool Stuff benefits from UGC | Case study

As Sweden’s largest online gadget shop, Coolstuff’s collection of unique products attracts a wide audience of eCommerce shoppers with a global reach.

The Story

CoolStuff is as unique as its line of fun gadgets, games and gifts, which entices shoppers across the globe. With a spirited brand image that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this eCommerce brand aims to inspire customers to embrace a similar attitude through their products.


With a strong sense of brand voice, CoolStuff hoped to extend this brand identity further while inspiring customers to join their online community.

“We like to be friends with our customers, and we want to reflect that across all of our channels.”

Pelle Bergkvist – Art Director at CoolStuff

Due to their distinct sense of humor on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, users were already engaging with the brand on social media. Now, the challenge was to leverage this engagement to increase interaction with their eCommerce store and elevate the online shopping journey for their customers.


In hopes of inspiring shoppers to more deeply identify with their fun brand image, CoolStuff turned to User Generated Content to give their customers the opportunity to share their stories.

“We love to see photos from our customers, and we feel that customer photos bring it closer to the brand as well.”

Pelle Bergkvist – Art Director at CoolStuff

By collecting customer content and integrating it into their online store using Flowbox, CoolStuff inspires shoppers through their online community. Their strong UGC gives a boost of social proof at the point of purchase that helps customers trust the brand and their quirky products. It also allows the brand to gather customer data, which assists future product designs and decisions.

“Since a lot of our products are unusual, we use UGC mostly as a way to see how the customers use the products: if they use them in a different way, how they use them and just to get a response from customers.”

Pelle Bergkvist – Art Director at CoolStuff

With exciting brand incentives such as their recent Instagram competition, the brand receives content on their hashtag, as well as through brand tags and mentions, which they collect with the Flowbox platform to integrate across their eCommerce storefront.


“Flowbox is really easy to use, it only takes a few clicks. We used to have our own UGC tool, but that was pretty hard to administrate. Getting this tool to make it simple for us has been invaluable.”

Pelle Bergkvist – Art Director at CoolStuff