Honoring a century of service by celebrating customers through User Generated Content

Lazer Sport is a helmet brand that started selling their elite cycling apparel back in 1919. With the vision of commemorating one hundred years of selling their products, they’ve created a centennial campaign centered around User Generated Content.

The Story

As the oldest helmet manufacturer in the world, Lazer Sport is inspired to celebrate a century of selling their premium cycling helmets to a history of athletes, both professional and leisure.

With their 100th anniversary looming, Lazer Sport sought a modern way to bring their celebration to life and spread it across to their international base of devoted customers.

“We want to celebrate that we are a company that is still active and is still selling the same products from 100 years ago. For professional helmets, we’ve been the number one brand for so long, so we want to say, ‘Hey, maybe you’ve heard about us for 20 years, but we’d actually like to share that we’ve been around for a century.”

Nico Dierickx – Online Marketer at Lazer Sport


How could they best commemorate such a significant moment in the brand’s history? Lazer Sport knew that the answer could be found within their customers.

With a goal in mind, the brand then devised a User Generated Content campaign to memorialize this notable brand moment. But they were missing one piece to the puzzle: the perfect User Generated Content platform.

“One of my main goals was to integrate our website with social media, so that was why we came to Flowbox. Since we’ve been around for 100 years, we’ve had a lot of athletes who ride with our helmets and lots of epic wins. We actually wanted to use these athletes and use the teams to create more content for our brand.”

Nico Dierickx – Online Marketer at Lazer Sport


Collecting content created by their dedicated customer base of athletes, Lazer Sport then integrated these photos and images – alongside their own media from the brand throughout history – into a gallery on a page made specifically for the campaign.

There, users could browse 100 years of significant moments with the Lazer Sport brand.

“The gallery element is really cool because we have this dedicated page where people can learn more about the 100 year celebration. Then, at the bottom you see the gallery with all of the social media content that has been generated and has been curated, of course. And it shows our truly historic heritage and identity of our brand.”

Nico Dierickx – Online Marketer at Lazer Sport

With the Flowbox platform, they are able to display the products that their customers have proudly worn in an inspirational way to encourage others to trust in them as well.

“Flowbox is a great platform. If you compare price to quality, I think it’s one of the best. It looks clean, it looks sleek. You can tag products in it. And for us, those were the main priorities. It comes with an easy carousel builder where you can tag the products if necessary and curate it all yourself.”

Nico Dierickx – Online Marketer at Lazer Sport


“Our tech team was really happy with the Flowbox integration. They thought it would be a lot of effort and were happy when it turned out to be really easy.”

Nico Dierickx – Online Marketer with Lazer Sport