Leveraging User Generated Content to honor over a century of meaningful customer relationships

French heritage brand, LIP, has been crafting timeless watch designs since 1908. Learn how they honor a loyal community of brand followers with authentic User Generated Content, earning an interaction rate of 9.93%. 


Visitors that interacted with UGC


The Story

LIP is a French heritage brand with a long history of crafting timeless designer watches for men and women. After over a century spent growing a community of devoted brand followers, they were looking for a way to celebrate these strong relationships within their marketing practices. In order to build more sincere and powerful bonds with LIP lovers, they turned to User Generated Content.


While the brand had already built up a strong base of customers who are fans of their watches thanks in part to their legacy of committed service, they were looking for a way to augment these relationships by taking them to the public eye. That’s when they discovered the possibility of leveraging their close connections with customers by encouraging them to share images of their experiences with LIP products on social media.

With the help of Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform, the brand is able to memorialize long-standing relationships with customers, while improving their online performance in the process. 

“We chose to include UGC in the LIP strategy to give our visitors the feeling that – more than a brand – LIP is a community or family that they can relate to. Because it’s French, because it’s close to them, and because it’s human.”

Pascal de Aguiar – Online Communication Director at LIP


With the help of a User Generated Content strategy, LIP is able to achieve their goal of honoring a lifetime of faithful customers, while positioning themselves as an innovative brand in the eCommerce space. 

Through the Flowbox platform, the brand collects customer generated images featuring their sleek watches and uses them to enrich their online shopping journey with real customer experiences. 

And this work has paid off. The brand has since seen a 9.93% interaction rate with their authentic UGC, solidifying the engagement and conversion power in their online webshop that they were hoping to achieve. 

“UGC is a good tool for brands because creating content for a brand is expensive and time consuming and can sometimes give the feeling that it’s a one way conversation. There’s a greater likelihood of touching the visitor’s heart with UGC rather than a cold, perfect image on a white or light grey background.”

Pascal de Aguiar – Online Communication Director at LIP

Plus, this strategy helps the brand continuously generate new and refreshing content that tells the brand story through the eyes of their unwavering customers.


Visitors that interacted with UGC


“The Flowbox team is very nice, polite, friendly and patient. And we have found the tool is easy to use.” 

Pascal de Aguiar – Online Communication Director at LIP