Affordable fashion brand LolaLiza works together with their customers

LolaLiza improved their Click-Through Rate by 12.80% and accessed a content pool of over 5500 images and videos featuring their products by incorporating content generated by their community with Flowbox.

The Story

LolaLiza is a Belgian brand that offers affordable fashion to bold and colorful modern women. LolaLiza developed from a desire to indulge women of all ages with affordable fashion. Which is how a 100% Belgian family-owned company that exudes a pure lust for life came into being. How it became a brand that is constantly evolving and developing. That inspires women in a whole range of countries to dare to be who they really want to be. Sexy, comfy, elegant or simply extra festive — LolaLiza knows who women are and what they need.


With lots of online shoppers, LolaLiza needed to offer their customers a shopping experience online that inspires just as much as a physical store does.

It is a fact that User Generated Content inspires more and that it makes customers more likely to discover and buy new products. In the physical stores 79% of the purchases being made is impulsive buying. On the same time on e-commerce sites, due to lack of inspirational content, the same number is only 19%. Creating inspiring and relevant content is a great challenge for brands today and LolaLiza needed a way to overcome this challenge.

LolaLiza was also looking for a way to spend less resource on creating and finding content. Today it takes a lot of resources and time for brands to create, control and manage content. Content investment has in general grown to roughly one-third of the entire marketing budget. LolaLiza wanted to engage their customers and needed a way to use all the great content that surrounded their brand in social media, created by their happy customers. LolaLiza is a brand that sells fashion to real people. Of course they wanted a way to make real people part of their brand.


When User Generated Content is exposed, time spent on site increases with up to 80%. Of course LolaLiza also wanted a chance to create an environment with UGC that capture the interests of their visitors. That’s why they started working with Flowbox to integrate UGC on their site.

They put a UGC-flow on their start page and made an inspirational wall named #LolaLiza that showed images of their happy customers wearing their clothes. When this is written, the hashtags of LolaLiza provides a content pool with over 5500 images and videos of their products. All available for LolaLiza to use in their marketing and E-commerce.

LolaLiza also use the Flowbox platform when asking for the right to use the photos and videos of their customers. It is as simple as flicking a switch and it is an important tool to use.


Flowbox provides many opportunities that lead to real benefits for brands LolaLiza. And it makes it measurable! Flowbox provides a tool that makes it possible to get insights about the actions and the content used on site. You get your accomplishments in numbers that shows conversion rates, CTA-clicks, Click-Through Rate and total Revenue. In just one month this year LolaLiza got 9293 customers to click on their UGC-images, 1007 clicked on the “buy”-CTA buttons connected to the images and an overall increased Click-Through Rate by 12.80 %.

“Flowbox really helps us to make #LolaLizaTogether happen. Inspired by and together with our community we are working every day towards a better, powerful and timeless fashion brand”

Annelien Alaerts – Digital Communications Director at LolaLiza