How Proteinbolaget benefits from UGC | Case study

Proteinbolaget, one of the leading stores in Sweden for dietary supplements and training accessories, started using UGC in their marketing. The results? A 10% increase in conversion rate on the start page, a 13% increase in average order value on the product pages and a 16% increase in checkout page visits.

The Story

With no physical stores and an entire business built on online retail, getting started with User Generated Content (UGC) was a natural next step for Proteinbolaget. The company was founded in 2012 and is today one of the leading online stores in Sweden for dietary supplements, workout clothes and training accessories. In the online shop, customers can purchase products from some of the leading brands in the industry.

“By using Flowbox we can easily engage our customers and build our brand by making use of the content created in our community. We’ve also seen great results, both our conversion rate and revenue is higher when we use Flowbox’s platform.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.


Troels Poppe says that authenticity is crucial for companies today. Proteinbolaget realized they needed a way to involve their customers more in marketing and communication as a way to show other consumers that their brand can be trusted.

“We wanted to show that the people who buy our products also enjoy them and use them, as an inspiration for other customers. We’ve been working actively with social media for a long time and have a large network of influencers. This is something we wanted to explore further and take advantage of, in order to increase both our conversion rate and trustworthiness.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.

Troels and his colleagues were looking at different alternatives and solutions for collecting and managing User Generated Content to start achieving their goals, but ultimately, the choice fell on Flowbox.

“We saw that many other online retailers were using Flowbox and since it’s a European company with local support, it was an easy decision.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.


Thanks to a smooth onboarding process, Troels and his team could get started quickly, and in December, an A/B test was performed for two weeks to measure the results of Flowbox.

“The platform itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Finding great UGC images takes little time and the features of the platform make it easy to manage the content, send out rights requests and distribute to our channels. The onboarding has also been very helpful, our client success manager at Flowbox could provide us with a lot of useful tips which have been extremely valuable for us, especially in the beginning.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.

Both influencers and customers are encouraged to create content and get featured by tagging Proteinbolaget in photos on Instagram and using @mentions. Contests are also launched occasionally, but with over 50,000 followers on Instagram, the marketing team gets a lot of great content on a daily basis and doesn’t have to push hard to get tagged in photos.


Before using Flowbox, the majority of the images used in the webshop and on the site were produced inhouse. A small number of images were created by influencers, but with Flowbox, the number of influencer created material has increased, especially in ads on Facebook and Instagram. Today, over 1,000 influencers are listed in Flowbox’s whitelist function, which makes it possible for Proteinbolaget and other companies to work with influencer created content in a faster and more efficient way. When a user is whitelisted, it makes it possible for the company to re-distribute all the user’s posts which are collected in Flowbox without having to send separate rights requests for each photo, provided that the user has given his or her consent for the company to do so.

“Thanks to the whitelisting function we can quickly distribute content and publish material directly on our website, which saves us a lot of time. With Flowbox’s platform we can show our products in an everyday environment, which makes it easier for us as a company to connect with our customers and influencers.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.

User Generated Content from Proteinbolaget’s community is now visible on the start page, on product pages, in the Instagram shop and in social ads. Initially, the flows with UGC images were placed further down on the start page and product page, but after moving them to the top of the pages, Proteinbolaget immediately saw better results. But it’s not all about sales, Troels Poppe says that the community aspect is just as important.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in conversions, but for us it’s also important to build our brand and create brand awareness, and that is often more difficult to measure. But when we compare the reactions we get in social media with our competitors, our engagement rate is almost twice as high.”

Troels Poppe – eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.

Results with Flowbox on the start page:

  • 10% increase in conversion rate
  • 14% higher revenue per session
  • 2% higher average order value

Results with Flowbox on product pages:

  • 11% increase in conversion rate
  • 14% higher revenue per session
  • 13% increase in average order value
  • 16% increase in checkout page visits
  • 9% increase in pages per session
  • 10% increase in average session duration