Jetshop and Flowbox work together to increase Scorett’s revenue online

Scorett has improved its eCommerce by increasing its conversion rates while also bettering the visual design and inspiration on its site with the help of Jetshop and Flowbox.

The Story

Scorett is one of today’s market-leading shoe retailers in Sweden with over 85 physical stores around the country. Since the company’s start in 1989, the store chain has grown significantly with their main focus on physical stores. The online commerce has however, since it was launched in 2011, quickly gone from zero to becoming a well-known online shoe store for the trend-sensitive and quality seeking Swede.


‘Word of mouth’ is an expression on many people’s lips these days. Behind it lays the power of information provided by peers, rather than authorities and large corporations. In today’s reality, where new information and impressions pass us every second, we have automatically started to trust our peers and close ones more than traditional advertising.

Scorett was quick on adapting their marketing and communication to this new customer reality by being active on social media and letting influencers, who their customers could relate to, do much of their content marketing.

However, the challenge was still to find a way to combine inspiration with increased conversion online. Scorett needed dynamic content, adjusted for both the inspiration-seeking customer and the “quick shopper” with a clear goal in mind.


Scorett switched to Jetshop from their old e-commerce platform in March 2018, to get a more dynamic online store.

“One of the many advantages with Jetshop is that we are more than just a technology provider. We are also a knowledge provider and our main goal is always to give our clients the best results possible. We have an entire team for customer success, who are constantly working on increasing revenue for our clients. We give them recommendations based on what has been successful according to statistics, and Flowbox is one of the technical features that we really recommend.”

Maria Gustavsson – Customer Success Manager at Jetshop

On Scorett’s previous online shop, professional product pictures were the main feature and the lack of dynamic elements was blazing. In connection with Scorett’s emigration to Jetshop’s platform, the Jetshop customer success team recommended Flowbox’s UGC solutions to the shoe retailer.

“Before we started using Flowbox, we had simple product pictures and 360°pictures to showcase the products that we sell but were lacking the inspiration. Today, we can give our customers a lot more inspiration regarding how to style the products, thanks to UGC. Also, peer recommendations are much more trustworthy in this context.”

Fanny Lundberg – Digital Marketing Coordinator at Scorett


The dynamism of Scorett’s new online commerce has resulted in several improvements. Jetshop’s modern platform has allowed Scorett to create an online shop with content adjusted to fit a wide range of customers. Furthermore, the possibility to easily integrate Jetshop with Flowbox, has added new dimensions and synergy effects to the Scorett online commerce.

“We have seen great synergy effects since the implementation of Flowbox. Our recent influencer campaign achieved great reach thanks to the power of UGC and we are starting to see how this is generating an ‘eco-system’ of high quality content.”

Fanny Lundberg – Digital Marketing Coordinator at Scorett

The new Scorett website and online commerce consists of a combination between appealing design and optimization for conversion.

According to Maria Gustavsson at Jetshop, many eCommerce businesses are focusing on the visual design and on creating an inspirational web environment, but forget about the conversion and what types of content will generate increased conversion. With the combination of Jetshop and Flowbox, neither of the two elements are excluded.

“We are witnessing an increase in conversion connected to our work with UGC through Flowbox, which continues to increase the more UGC we collect. Companies today have to remember that their existing customers are just as important to new customers as the company and the products themselves.”

Fanny Lundberg – Digital Marketing Coordinator at Scorett