How Unisa benefits from UGC | Case study

Unisa has published more than 300 User Generated images from social media into their website. This content was collected and made available through the Flowbox platform, where the brand approved the content, linked it to products, and then published it into galleries and product pages on their website. With this technology, shared customer photos and videos can be converted into shoppable eCommerce content.




The Story

Unisa is an international shoe brand that was born in Spain in the ’70s. Their designs are best known for their comfort and quality of materials; for this reason, they have a large base of women who trust and follow the brand. Their devoted followers prove that the brand is adaptive to the life of the modern woman and her comfort needs.

The strong community surrounding the brand has since translated over to their online presence.


One of the main challenges that Unisa confronts as an online shoe retailer is their customers’ struggle to visualize how their products will match with the rest of an outfit. As they focus on offering product shots to capture the details of their shoes, they wanted to find a new way to help customers envision their products.


By integrating content created by their customers into their product pages, Unisa has not only managed to satisfy the necessity of presenting their products in the context of an outfit, but they’ve also improved their relationship with their customers – who have new ways of connecting with the brand online.

Thanks to the process of content curation with Flowbox, Unisa can choose the UGC that best represents their brand image and maintain a consistent look within all of their eCommerce visuals.




“Flowbox offers our customers a visual showcase for exploring our products and finding inspiration. The integration of UGC into our eCommerce allows shoppers to visualize real life examples of our products that they too have purchased or plan on purchasing, while endowing them with a greater value. It also gives customers access to the products in a simple and intuitive way.”

Marta Albors – International Press and PR at Unisa