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Dynamic product ads

Flowbox’s DPA enhances Facebook, Instagram and Google ads by incorporating authentic user-generated content. This feature allows brands to display customer and influencer images in their dynamic product ads, making them more engaging, inspiring and authentic.

Why use Dynamic product ads?

Utilizing UGC in dynamic ads can significantly boost engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. This approach leverages the power of social proof, as real customer images have up to 5x higher CTR from potential buyers than standard product shots.

Results and Implementation

Implementing UGC into DPAs has proven effective, as shown in case studies like G-Star RAW’s, where it led to increased ROAS overall and an increase in AOV up to 90%. Setting up this feature involves a straightforward integration process with Facebook’s ad system, making it accessible even for those not deeply technical.





Email integrations

Flowbox’s Email Integration with User-Generated Content (UGC) is a dynamic tool that enriches emails by incorporating authentic, customer-sourced content. It automatically showcases UGC in emails, ensuring that the content is fresh and relevant, enhancing the overall visual appeal and engagement of the email.

Why use email integrations?

Incorporating UGC in emails with Flowbox’s tool brings a layer of authenticity and relatability to email campaigns. It leverages the power of social proof, making emails more engaging and personalized, thus increasing the likelihood of positive customer response and interaction.

Results and Implementation

Brands like KICKS have seen tangible benefits from using Flowbox’s email assets. Brands seeing an uplift in CTR up to 51%. This feature not only keeps content current but also aligns with brand values, enhancing email strategies with a community-focused approach.

The simplicity of the tool’s setup ensures that its implementation feels effortless and seamlessly integrates well with Voyado, Criteo, Klaviyo and others.

“We decided to add UGC to our emails to make them feel more alive and up-to-date. The addition of UGC makes our emails look fresh and current.”

Tina Bergeskans, CRM Project Leader and Teamlead at KICKS

Social Publisher

Flowbox’s Publisher is a comprehensive tool for posting branded and user-generated content (UGC) directly to social channels like Instagram. This feature allows for efficient management and sharing of curated content on the major social channels, enhancing your social media presence with authentic, brand-aligned posts.

Why use Social Publisher?

This tool is a significant time-saver. Manually uploading and publishing content to each social platform can be time-consuming. Flowbox’s Publisher streamlines this process, offering a single platform to manage and post content across different channels. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your social media strategy.

Results and Implementation

Implementing Flowbox’s Publisher is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical skills. It simplifies the content approval and posting process, making your social media management more efficient and effective. Brands using this tool have experienced a more streamlined workflow, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their social media strategy.

Ratings and Reviews

Flowbox’s Ratings and Reviews product is a tool that allows brands to collect, manage, and display customer reviews and ratings. This feature enhances product pages by showcasing genuine customer feedback, adding a layer of trust and authenticity.

Why use Rating and Reviews?

Implementing Ratings and Reviews saves time by consolidating customer feedback management in one place. It provides valuable insights about products and customer satisfaction, while also allowing potential customers to make informed decisions based on peer reviews. It helps in building a trustworthy brand image.

Results and Implementation

Integrating Ratings and Reviews is using a simple JS snippet code, offering an easy way to enhance online customer experience. Brands using this feature are reporting improved consumer trust and increased conversion rates. It’s an efficient solution for leveraging customer feedback to bolster brand reputation and sales.

AI Ranking & Optimization

Flowbox’s AI Ranking & Optimization, including FlowScore and smart tags, automates content moderation and categorization. It leverages AI to evaluate and tag user-generated content, simplifying the process of selecting impactful and relevant posts for brands.

Why use AI Ranking & Optimization?

This tool is pivotal for time-efficient content curation, removing the burden of manual sorting. It prioritizes high-quality UGC, ensuring a strategic display of content that resonates with your audience, thereby enhancing user engagement and brand perception.

Results and Implementation

Easy to integrate, AI Ranking & Optimization significantly uplifts a brand’s content strategy. Brands utilizing this technology report enhanced audience engagement and content relevance, achieving optimal UGC impact with minimal manual effort.

AI Product Recognition

Flowbox’s AI Product Recognition tool uses advanced AI to automatically identify products within user-generated content. This technology streamlines the process of linking UGC to specific products in your catalog.

Why use AI Product Recognition?

This feature saves significant time and effort in content management by automating the product-tagging process. It ensures that relevant UGC is accurately linked to the right products, enhancing the customer shopping experience and aiding in discovery.

Results and Implementation

Integrating AI Product Recognition is straightforward and brings efficiency to e-commerce strategies. Brands using the Product Recognition production find themselves saving loads of time in product-tagging and increasing time-to-value for both the user and website visitors.

Content collection

With this tool you can pool together all your content from any platform and have it in one place. Automatic content collection from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube, user-friendly moderation, media rights framework, multi-product linking, unlimited widgets, advanced analytics and seamless integration with any eCommerce platform.

Why use Content Collection?

This tool will collect all of your user content in one centralised hub, and from there the right platform will make it easy to moderate or request media rights. Moreover, our technology’s architecture is engineered for high-traffic multi-domain, multi-country, and multi-currency online stores.

Results and Implementation

Collecting content automatically saves time and optimises efforts to e-commerce strategies, allowing businesses to focus more on strategic initiatives rather than manual tasks. Moreover, by harnessing automation, you’re able to consistently provide a superior customer experience.

Moderate & Rights

The platform provides an easy way to request media rights from the consumers generating content and tagging your brand and it assures that you comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR for data protection.

Why use Moderate & Rights?

By acting in line with the terms and conditions on your website, you can be sure to avoid any legal issues and in turn, focus on cultivating a community for your customers to share their voice and showcase your product.

Results and Implementation

Thanks to this feature, managing your content is easy, as you just need to approve the images and videos that you’d like to appear on your eCommerce – and maybe even connect them with a product to make your customer content shoppable.

Analytics & Integrations

This powerful feature allows you to track and analyze the performance of your approved content, enabling you to use the most engaging content for maximum conversion on your website, in emails and in your social media channels.

Why use Analytics & Integrations?

With an excess of content being generated daily, identifying what content resonates best with your audience is becoming increasingly significant. That’s where the ‘Posts’ tab in Analytics comes in, providing you a centralized platform to analyze the approved content’s performance metrics comprehensively.

Results and Implementation

Easy to understand and use, harnessing this tool allows you to not only measure performance but also strategically leverage high-performing user-generated content to maximize conversion rates and enhance overall marketing effectiveness. From identifying the top-performing media to understanding user behavior, this feature equips you with the tools to refine your content strategy for optimal results.

Content uploader

The Media uploader feature can be integrated within a Flow, allowing your customers to directly upload their own images on your website. This provides them with an opportunity to engage with your brand while keeping their content separate from their social media accounts.

Why use Content Uploader?

This feature can be seamlessly integrated into a Flow (widget), enabling customers to effortlessly upload their images from their desktop or mobile device directly. It creates an additional source of consumer content and it allows consumers who don’t want to post an opportunity to share their content with you.

Results and Implementation

The integration of this feature within Flow not only simplifies the uploading process but also enhances user interaction and participation. Customers find it effortless to contribute their images, fostering a sense of community and involvement.

In addition, you can offer another point of content collection with QR codes. Your customers can simply grab their device, scan the QR code and share their content with you in the blink of an eye. This is particularly useful for Flowbox users with physical stores or locations, and placing the QR codes in the right locations can encourage more customers/visitors to share their content.

Influencer package

It functions as a central hub that streamlines collaboration with your influencers.By combining advanced capabilities such as influencer list uploading, whitelisting of top influencers, an evangelist feature, and comprehensive analytics, this tool empowers brands to effectively leverage influencer partnerships for maximum impact and ROI.

Why use Influencer Package?

This integrated approach offers two key advantages: effortless Influencer Management and direct engagement. By eliminating the need to navigate multiple platforms, this feature provides an efficient and organised means of overseeing all your influencer connections in one location. 

Results and Implementation

This targeted approach has maximized the impact of our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns. Customers can efficiently execute influencer campaigns, saving time and resources while maintaining consistency and quality.

Content Moderation Service

This feature provides full content moderation with high-volume capacity and ensures that all user-generated content on your website aligns with your brand guidelines and community standards. This involves systematically reviewing and managing a large volume of content. In addition to enforcing guidelines, the service will handle rights requests for user-generated content and curate submissions to highlight the most relevant or engaging content.

Why use Content Moderation Service?

For some brands, who get tagged repeatedly on social media, the content is not always relevant and moderation can end up taking too much time.

Results and Implementation

This targeted approach has maximized the impact of our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns. Customers can efficiently execute influencer campaigns, saving time and resources while maintaining consistency and quality.

Additional Resources

Why stop at one source? With a collection tool like Flowbox, it’s easy to connect your accounts, add your multiple sources and begin gathering social media content from your community. 

Why use Additional Resources?

This feature allows you to gather content from additional Instagram sources, as well as collecting from Youtube and Pinterest.

Results and Implementation

This targeted approach has maximized the impact of our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns. Customers can efficiently execute influencer campaigns, saving time and resources while maintaining consistency and quality.


Through our API, we empower our clients with the tools to seamlessly integrate User Generated Content into their websites and applications, allowing them to tailor the experience to reflect their distinctive brand identity.

Why use API?

This feature allows you to gain the flexibility to customise your UGC integration according to your specific requirements and branding preferences. Ensures that UGC seamlessly aligns with the overall look and feel of your digital platforms, enhancing brand consistency and user engagement.

Results and Implementation

High volume cases will require an extra fee.