Privacy policy

DATE: Version in effect from 2018.05.24


Welcome to Flowbox! We’re glad you’ve decided to check us out. Before we get started, we just need to make sure we’re on the same page. We created these terms and conditions (the “Terms of service”), and we hope you take some time to read through them.

You should read carefully the sections below titled “binding arbitration” and “class action waiver”. They contain a binding arbitration agreement and class action waiver, and these things affect your legal rights.

Description of service

You might be using the Service in one of two ways (both of which fall under this Agreement): as a Visitor or as a User.

“Visitors” are people who visit the Website, but do not register or sign in as Users. They can (i) view all publicly-accessible content, (ii) purchase Products, and (iii) contact us (though Visitors may need to provide Personal Information in order to access or use some of these features).

“Users” are people who register, personally or on behalf of an entity which they have the authority to bind, an account for the Service (an “Account”). Users can do all of the things that Visitors can do, and if they are logged into their Account, they may also access and use certain restricted sections of the Website or features of the Service if they are logged into their Account.

We have no obligation to accept anyone as a User, and we’ve got sole and complete discretion to accept or reject any User.

Data Storage

Flowbox clients can collect social media posts which have been made public on social media channels and is compliant with the terms and condition of the actual social media networks API suite. All collected content that after the time of collection has been deleted or in any way made unpublic is also deleted from Flowbox unless the post author has given the client consent to do otherwise.

We do not sell, share, or otherwise distribute any collected user generated content to any third parties.

Any enrichment of the data is solely done for the purpose of display, filtering and moderation.

All data is stored in the Flowbox infrastructure hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) within the European Union.

Request to view data handling, server access and log files should be made through standard support channels and will be treated on a case by case basis.

Any questions about the Privacy policy should be sent to