Flowboxer of the Month – April 2023: Intratuin

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Flowboxer of the Month – April 2023: Intratuin

Another month goes by, which means we have a new Flowboxer of the Month! In April, spring is in full swing and we are welcoming some much needed sunshine and warmer weather. That’s why Spring is our theme this month!

From the wide variety of outdoor/garden industry brands in the Flowbox family, we decided to name Intratuin our Flowboxer of the Month.

Intratuin have been with Flowbox since 2018 and implemented User Generated Content on their website, increasing conversion rates and trust amongst their shoppers. The brand sells various plants, as well as garden equipment, ranging from pots to outdoor furniture – everything you need to ensure a well-kept, beautiful garden. Intratuin promotes a green and natural way of life, and have set the ambitious goal of making 50% of front and back gardens green by 2030 (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany).

Intratuin is the largest supplier of greenery in the Netherlands and understands the seasonality of plants. Therefore, they strive to provide the best that nature has to offer, year round. Having committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability is at the brand’s core.

Starting from the homepage, users are greeted with a UGC gallery featuring images of loyal customers and their plants. In this industry, the product is susceptible to change, so it is paramount to the consumer to know whether the plants last and how they behave. The Flows implemented by Intratuin offer visual proof that the products not only last past the initial photo shoot in the studio, but also thrive in the customer’s home.

Intratuin are experts in their field; plants are an important part of nature and various ecosystems, and their sustainable green guide helps shoppers make greener and more informed purchases. 

A big congrats to Intratuin for winning Flowboxer of the Month for April! We absolutely love how the brand uses our platform in such a creative and engaging way. We are looking forward to seeing how they will continue inspiring fellow plant parents and green thumbs!

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