Flowboxer of the Month – December 2022: Babboe

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Flowboxer of the Month – December 2022: Babboe

As 2023 approaches ever nearer, it’s time to reveal the final Flowboxer of the Month for 2022. With the temperatures dropping and snow falling, the theme for this month is what was on everyone’s minds for the last few weeks: Christmas!

The winner of Flowboxer of the Month for December 2022 is… Babboe!

Babboe is a Dutch manufacturer of cargo bikes designed to safely transport everyone and everything you love most. The brand was founded in 2005 by a group of parents frustrated by the poor quality of cargo bikes at that time. 

Babboe’s cargo bikes are specifically designed for children to allow the little ones in the family to get from A to B safely and easily with the help of a parent. Moreover, other product lines offered by the brand allow pets and cargo to be transported around without the use of a polluting vehicle such as a car or a van.

Babboe does not have any brick and mortar stores or stock its products in bicycle stores with high margins, instead choosing to focus on an online approach. In this way, the brand is able to keep its bikes affordable and accessible to its large base of customers who love the products.

However, this can bring up a number of unique challenges. While an online-focused approach can cut down on costs, a brand can find it hard to maintain a strong relationship with its community. By using a User Generated Content platform like Flowbox, brands can showcase community content on their site, encouraging stronger and closer relationships.

Babboe first partnered with Flowbox in May of 2021, and uses Flowbox flows on various areas of their site. By placing UGC widgets on the homepage, product pages and a dedicated community page, the brand can inspire potential customers who can see the great number of uses of Babboe bikes, while also improving engagement and conversion rates on the site.

For Christmas, Babboe decided to implement a number of Christmas-themed flows onto their site. On their homepage, they added an extra Christmas flow, and they also created a specific festive page on their site showcasing community content with the help of a Flowbox gallery. 

At Flowbox, we love to see custom-themed flows, and we are really impressed by the creativity of the team at Babboe! These flows have allowed the Babboe community to grow closer together, while also providing inspiration for how potential new customers could use a cargo bike in the period around Christmas.

At this time of year, Christmas is everywhere: therefore, it comes as no surprise that Babboe have been able to collect a vast amount of User Generated Content with the help of the Flowbox platform. The brand has also encouraged its community to share content by offering customers the chance to win a wooden cargo bike when they share content featuring their Babboe Christmas feeling on Instagram.

A massive congratulations again to Babboe, our Flowboxer of the Month for December 2022! We can’t wait to showcase our amazing clients’ innovative use of the Flowbox platform in the new year. We hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, and that everyone has a great 2023 as well!

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