Flowboxer of the Month — April 2024: Ruskovilla

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Flowboxer of the Month — April 2024: Ruskovilla

In the eCommerce world, real opinions from real people have become increasingly important, especially in an era where digital interactions dominate consumer behaviour and authentic opinions hold significant power over purchasing decisions. These opinions, shared through reviews, ratings, and testimonials, serve as powerful indicators of product quality, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Nowadays, more companies are recognising the value of cultivating and leveraging real opinions to establish credibility, drive conversions, and build enduring relationships with their customers.

This month, our Flowboxer of the Month  aims to highlight our customers who are taking the most advantage of Flowbox’s Ratings and Reviews solution, as well as how their incorporation of visual UGC on the webpage is helping the brand to boost their conversions and enhance brand visibility. By incorporating ratings and review tools, it offers invaluable perspectives on a product’s calibre and functionality, significantly influencing how customers perceive and choose products. Ratings and reviews are the voice of the clients of a brand. They reflect their shopping experience and opinions, about the brand’s products. Not only that, they also influence the decision of purchasing decisions  of other potential customers who are looking for real information and social proof. Let’s discover who has won the Flowboxer of the Month for April and what are all the benefits the brand has achieved by using our UGC platform. 

Ruskovilla, a Finnish fashion brand that provides warm clothing for the coldest winter days for the whole family, utilises organic materials to make their products that are not harmful to people or nature, and they are not treated with harmful chemicals at any stage of production, contributing to a safer environment. Furthermore, to enhance reliability and trustworthiness between the brand and the customers, the brand has incorporated into their UGC strategy our latest new product: the ratings and reviews section. 

Last year, Flowbox released an exciting new premium ratings and reviews product. This innovative solution empowers brands to seamlessly integrate star ratings and written reviews into their product pages, enhancing them with an extra layer of social validation. By facilitating the customer feedback, it offers mutual benefits for both the brand and the consumer. To get those opinions from your clients, you can use different methods, like post-purchase email surveys, social media platforms or even third-party review sites. Ruskovilla has incorporated Flowbox’s Ratings and Reviews solution to show consumers the real thoughts of people who have bought a specific product. Let’s discover how this brand is using our R&R tool on its website. 

Ruskovilla’s website enables users to provide feedback and star ratings for each of their products, with Flowbox’s Rating and Reviews tool, which offers a user-friendly experience. Simply click on the ‘rate the product’ button, fill in your name and email for purchase verification, and then express your opinion freely by typing the product name and your comments. Once the client submits its opinion, the brand moderates it before publishing the review on the product page.

Implementing the ratings and reviews strategy, offers numerous benefits for both the company and the customers. Among them is the significant impact on various aspects, from sales to SEO. Ratings and reviews provide a valuable avenue for the brand to feature up-to-date content on its site, drawing attention to its products. This, in turn, enhances the brand’s visibility in search results, leading to better discoverability.

In addition to the Ratings and Reviews section, Ruskovilla has also integrated different features on its website to facilitate the posting of UGC on their clients’ social media channels. 

Starting from the homepage, the brand greets users with a carousel of photos featuring both clients and the brand’s own pictures from Instagram, proudly showcasing their recently bought items. By incorporating this UGC feature, consumers can start by discovering stunning products and go straight to the product page, ready to make the purchase. 

To make the shopping experience easier and more pleasant, Ruskovilla offers users the ability to filter their search preferences. The brand has integrated a community page that showcases Instagram photos, allowing customers to filter content by category. 

We want to give huge congratulations to Ruskovilla for winning the Flowboxer of the Month for April! Stay tuned to discover the upcoming month’s theme and winner. 

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