Flowboxer of the Month — February 2024: Vintage Jewellery

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Flowboxer of the Month — February 2024: Vintage Jewellery

Don’t you agree that dating people, being in a relationship, and the rollercoaster of all emotions that come with love can often feel like solving a complex puzzle? With February 14th recently behind us, we are embracing the spirit of love and its unpredictable journey. 

For this month, we chose Valentine’s Day as our Flowboxer of the Month theme. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection, and it is the perfect opportunity to express your adoration for your special person. And what better way to symbolise your love than with jewellery, as it is the most common given gift on this date? Let’s give a huge shout-out to Vintage Jewellery, our Flowboxer winner for February!

Started as a family business, Vintage Jewellery has blossomed into one of the premier vintage jewellery specialists in the Netherlands. The brand found a way of giving a second life to the ‘old’ jewels that arrived in their hands: instead of simply melting down received ‘old’ jewels to craft new ones, they’ve ingeniously breathed new life into these treasures. This considered approach offers clients the charming opportunity to blend timeless pieces with contemporary fashion, facilitating self-expression through jewellery for those who cherish it. 

Let’s explore how our UGC platform has empowered Vintage Jewellery to seamlessly integrate UGC across the shopping experience, thereby boosting online sales and building a strong community, as well as enhancing brand visibility. 

Starting from the homepage, the brand presents consumers with a captivating gallery of photos, showcasing happy clients wearing the brand’s products. These customers are part of the brand’s community, also called ‘Vintage Lovers’. 

The brand actively encourages its clients to be part of the Vintage Jewellery’s community by sharing their posts on social media, and the path is very simple: clients need to tag the brand and post a picture using the designated hashtag #continuethestory. One notable aspect that sets Vintage Jewellery apart from other brands is its approach to content collection. They not only recollect content directly from their clients’ social media profiles but also allow customers to upload their pictures by clicking the ‘upload your media’ button.

We want to give huge congratulations to Vintage Jewellery for winning the Flowboxer of the Month for February! Stay tuned to discover the upcoming month’s theme and winner. 

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