Flowboxer of the Month – January 2023: Alpro

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Flowboxer of the Month – January 2023: Alpro

It’s time to announce the first winner of Flowboxer of the Month for 2023! This month, we decided to highlight a client in the food and beverages industry. 

After a company-wide poll, our Flowboxer of the Month for January 2023 is… Alpro

Alpro is a Belgian producer of plant-based foods and beverages that has been helping people make more positive choices with their eating and drinking habits since 1980. Since their conception more than forty years ago, the brand has focused on creating products that are good for the consumer, and good for the planet.

In this way, the company maintains a strong focus on reducing their carbon footprint. By growing their raw ingredients in Europe where possible, and transporting others by sea for a lighter carbon footprint, the brand is certainly pulling its weight when it comes to combating the climate crisis. 

Alpro has also supported a number of initiatives tackling one of the biggest challenges facing the industry: food waste. The brand works closely with the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, which allows them to donate products to those in need which otherwise would have gone to waste due to incorrect labelling or imperfect packaging.

Many people post about the brand and the benefits of its plant-based products on social media, and Alpro realised it would have been a shame to not promote this User Generated Content. Therefore back in 2019, Alpro partnered with Flowbox so that they could collect the content that was being produced by their community, and display it on their website. 

On the homepage of their site, the brand has implemented Flows featuring their plant-based products in a variety of delicious recipes provided by their community of happy customers.

Unfortunately, a sizable amount of people still share the misfounded belief that ‘plant-based tastes bad’. However, by partnering with Flowbox, Alpro has further been able to dispel this narrative by placing their products in delicious contexts, encouraging more consumers to try plant-based options and purchase their products.

Here at Flowbox, we absolutely love the custom styling of the Alpro Flows. Each piece of content has natural looking textured edges, and features delicious recipes with bright colours, these features strongly encourage website visitors to click on the Flow. 

Once the user has clicked on the Flow, they are presented with recipe inspiration, encouraging them to purchase the product so that they too can make a great dish. Flowbox makes the next step in the consumer journey seamless, as potential customers can click on the products directly from the Flow, and find which retailers near them stock the product that has caught their attention.

Alpro is an extremely international brand, and therefore they have implemented their creative Flows into the different country-specific sites that they operate, featuring relevant Instagram content. For example, the Alpro Japan site features content from their Japanese Instagram account, allowing users to more easily interact with the content, and making them more likely to purchase Alpro products.

Another massive congratulations to Alpro, our Flowboxer of the Month for January 2023! We are always fascinated by the different ways our wonderful clients use our Flows to promote their products, and Alpro’s colourful and inspirational Flows are an excellent example of this. We can’t wait to share with you more examples of our clients’ innovative creations!

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