Flowboxer of the Month — January 2024: ICIW

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Flowboxer of the Month — January 2024: ICIW

Over the past few weeks, social media spaces have been teeming with stories, posts, videos, and articles all dedicated to New Year’s Resolutions and goals. There is something about the natural rhythm and cycle of renewal that a new year brings that is so refreshing to most of us, that we want to make our followers participate in what we are going to change and improve. 

For this month, we wanted to highlight brands that promote healthy living and wellness, so the chosen theme to kickstart the New Year’s Resolutions was Fitness. So… our winner of the first Flowboxer of the Month 2024 is ICANIWILL. 

The Swedish brand ICANIWILL stands out as one of the fastest-growing sportswear companies in Scandinavia and has firmly established its presence in the Nordic and European markets. The empowering words ‘I can I will’ inspire others to dedicate themselves to hard work and embrace their performance. ICIW is dedicated to facilitating its clients’ highest achievements by providing high-quality sportswear and technical elements.

Let’s see how our UGC platform has enabled ICANIWILL to integrate UGC across the shopping journey, increasing online sales and building a strong community, as well as brand awareness. 

ICANIWILL showcases an impressive Insta Shop Flow on their website, integrating the captivating UGC curated by Flowbox into their product catalogue. Most consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions, and it is evident that incorporating a User Generated Content gallery is a strategic and advantageous decision. The brand has different tags that help users to easily find what they are looking for.

Another feature of Flowbox’s UGC Platform that ICIW has incorporated on its website, is the use of direct product buttons, empowering shoppers to select the specific item they wish to buy, fostering a greater likelihood of making a purchase and delivering a distinctive and personalised shopping experience.

We want to give huge congratulations to ICANIWILL for winning the Flowboxer of the Month for January! Stay tuned to discover next months’ theme and winner. 

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