Flowboxer of the Month – July 2023: Fjällräven

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Flowboxer of the Month – July 2023: Fjällräven

Yet another month flies by which means, you guessed it … another Flowboxer of the Month! In July our theme was healthy living, and the nominations ranged from health foods and outdoor sportswear to sustainable fashion. 

Each month we carry out a company-wide vote to determine the winner, and this time it’s no other than Fjällräven who wears the UGC crown! The creator of the world-famous Kånken backpack is part of the international group, Fenix Outdoor, and boasts a functional, durable and timeless catalogue of outdoor clothing and equipment that enables and inspires more people to spend time in nature. 

Fjällräven prides itself on being a sustainable brand that endorses harmony with the environment and recognises the importance of keeping their carbon  footprint to a minimum to protect the beautiful destinations their community explores. From sustainable design to sustainable materials and production methods, the brand is making a lot of noise in the outdoor clothing and gear industry. 

Fjällräven encourages their community to tag their brand using the hashtag #seeyououthere, in this way gathering tons of inspiring User Generated Content from their community’s epic adventures, that they in turn embed on their website. 

If you fancy customising your own original backpack, Fjällräven allows you to be the designer, and mix and match the colours of your Kånken. Not sure if you are going for the right combination, or you think it might look weird? The product page Flows implemented below the product showcase all the accumulated content from shoppers who have already made the bold choice to customise their purchase. That way, the customer journey is enriched by inspiring photos of like-minded travellers, who may have had a similar vision of their Kånken, leaving  the browser more likely to be convinced.

Fjällräven Kanken customisable UGC product page Flowbox with product tagged

But this isn’t the end of Fjällräven’s UGC ventures. This year, the brand has incorporated UGC in their annual Polar event, a 300 km arctic expedition across ‘barren tundra, frozen lakes and dense mountain forests’ with 180 sled dogs. This journey of a lifetime was developed to show that with the right knowledge, equipment and support, anyone can learn to appreciate nature, even in arctic winter conditions.

Contestants from all over the world applying for one of 20 spots on this expedition submitted their challenges via Instagram along with the hashtag #fjallravenpolar2023 which was then monitored by a panel of judges via Flowbox.  Alongside it, Fjällräven recommend their products that are suitable for arctic conditions as demonstrated by the winners of the expedition, placing their catalogue in context and encouraging purchases. We are really impressed by this imaginative use of our platform!

Fjällräven community UGC page Flowbox

A massive congrats to Fjällräven for winning Flowboxer of the Month in July! Every month we are amazed by how our Flowboxers use our platform in such interesting ways. We’re excited to share next month’s theme and winner with you so stay tuned!

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