Flowboxer of the Month – March 2023: Hunkemöller

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Flowboxer of the Month – March 2023: Hunkemöller

Once again it is time to announce this month’s Flowboxer of the Month! In March we celebrated International Women’s Day in style, where we recognised women for their achievements, regardless of ethnic, economic or political divisions, making it a fitting theme for this installment of Flowboxer of the Month.

Our Flowboxer of the Month for March 2023 is … Hunkemöller!!!

Hunkemöller is one of Europe’s leading and fastest growing lingerie brands, creating beautiful bodywear pieces for every shape and size. Having signed the UN Women Empowerment principles to enhance gender diversity and equality, womanhood is at the brand’s core.

With their customers at its heart, Hunkemöller’s mission is to be “a much loved, social and inclusive brand – powered by our people”. With an ever growing consumer base in Europe and beyond, Hunkemöller strives towards improving the well-being of its customers, providing great service and contributing towards a greener tomorrow.

Hunkemöller’s 6 core values (passionate, inspiring, fun, sexy, inclusive and in-touch) are reflected in their shoppable galleries – with inclusive sizes and diverse models, proving that they are here to represent every woman. 

Hunkemöller chose to enhance their eCommerce journey with User Generated Content in 2020 with Flowbox, and currently have an extensive collection of User Generated Content on their website, increasing sales amongst their shoppers. 

Users are greeted with stunning Flows on the homepage, providing inspiration on how other women are styling their lingerie and rocking it! With a focus on inclusivity, every woman can feel represented and seen, thus encouraging shoppers to buy their products that have helped so many other women feel amazing. Confidence is key when it comes to feeling good, and these Flows are social proof of what Hunkemöller pieces can do.

The online shopping experience is accompanied by User Generated Content every step of the way, as the brand’s Sheroes are the foundation of Hunkemöller’s values and an inspiration to future customers. They are encouraged during their virtual visit by the vast collection of Instagram content implemented by the Flowbox platform.

In addition to their homepage, Hunkemöller have implemented an innovative shop by ambassador feature, allowing the user to personalise their eCommerce shopping experience based on their preferences. Customers can search for products by their favourite influencer and view ambassador-specific pages of them wearing Hunkemöller’s lingerie. 

Hunkemöller have also gone the extra mile, and have recently implemented their own CSS to edit their widgets fitting beautifully into their website aesthetics. It is a great way to show how your brand can make the Flowbox platform your own and use it to fit your eCommerce’s specific needs.

A huge congratulations to Hunkemöller for winning Flowboxer of the Month for March! We are loving their creative use of Flowbox on their site and how it showcases the endless possibilities of our tool. Hunkemöller benefit from Flowbox’s full potential, and we cannot wait to see how they continue using the platform.
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