Flowboxer of the month – November 2020: Vertbaudet Germany

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Flowboxer of the month – November 2020: Vertbaudet Germany

Without further ado, the winner of Flowboxer of the month for November is… Vertbaudet Germany!

Originally French, Vertbaudet produces and sells clothing, homeware, toys and everything else needed for both maternity and childhood. With 100 million website visits and 20 million products sold per year by 3.5 million customers, it’s safe to say that they are a leading brand in Europe within “the world of children”, as they say themselves. Today, Vertbaudet caters to eight different markets: France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Portugal and Spain, as well as a sister company: Cyrillus. Vertbaudet France and Germany are currently live with Flowbox, and soon Switzerland, as well as Cyrillus, will be too.

This month, we are highlighting our client Vertbaudet Germany because of their creative Christmas advent calendar Flow! They have created a flow with 24 images representing the days of December leading up to Christmas with a new surprise – large discount codes (20-40%) valid for a different item each day – hiding behind each image that gets updated and “opened” one per day. When clicking on the number of the day, visitors are presented with a shoppable link corresponding to the product shown in the image, making it effortlessly easy to purchase the discounted item.

With both the items and discount codes being unknown until the day they are opened, customers will have to return often in order not to miss deals, which means that loyalty is rewarded. If a person checks out the calendar every day, they will have access to 24 separate discounts that they otherwise would have missed as they are exclusively available in the calendar. This daily check-in aspect, in combination with showcasing the advent calendar on their homepage to generate traffic towards the calendar, creates huge potential for increased conversion during December.

Vertbaudet sure has taken advantage of the endless possibilities of Flowbox’s custom CSS set-up and styling – the visuals of the calendar are stunning, from the color scheme that seamlessly blends the images to the wreath borders and Christmas illustrations. They have also cleverly used a background color on the flow and added matching borders on some of the images to create the illusion of an eye-catchingly asymmetrical mix of larger and smaller images. We also love the fact that the numbers on the calendar are jumbled around the screen so that you have to look around a little before you find today’s number, just like traditional, physical advent calendars.

What an awesome way to use the Flowbox platform! Click here to check it out.

A big congratulations to Vertbaudet Germany on becoming November’s Flowboxer of the month, we are so inspired and impressed by the effort you’ve made with the advent calendar and hope to see it become a recurring holiday tradition on your website!