Flowboxer of the month – November 2021: Liseberg

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Flowboxer of the month – November 2021: Liseberg

Flowboxer of the month is a competition where we, at Flowbox, nominate the most creative and stunning Flows within one or more specific industries each month. In 2021, we have so far rewarded many winners from popular sectors such as Tourism, Beauty & Cosmetic, Fashion, and Sports that helped showcase the many different ways you can use the Flowbox platform, no matter what business you’re in. So, what are the chances for other companies in some less common categories? 

For November, the industries are Entertainment, Electronics, Construction and Education.

Without any further ado, the winner of Flowboxer of the month for November 2021 is… Swedish amusement park Liseberg! With their high level of diversity and creativity in leveraging user generated content (UGC) by incorporating Flows on their website and in their newsletter featuring their attractions as well as Halloween and Christmas in the park, they were voted number one this month. 

Liseberg operates an amusement park located in the centre of Gothenburg, Sweden from late spring to early fall each year, plus Halloween and Christmas. The amusement park opened during Gothenburg’s 300th anniversary exhibition in 1923, and has been owned by the City of Gothenburg ever since. Today, the amusement park has 40 rides and attractions, as well as games, music stages, a dance floor, indoor arenas and a large number of restaurants and cafés – all set in a green parkland. Liseberg also hosts many concerts and both local and international events.

Liseberg makes it easier than ever for website visitors to discover their attractions through a Flow on their Attractions page. Guests can quickly find valuable information about all of the activities and attractions offered by Liseberg amusement parks. Implementing a carousel Flow featuring visitors who have previously played and experienced the service can do wonders in spurring people to come enjoy the entertainment that the park provides.

Halloween and Christmas have always been the big holidays at Liseberg, so naturally, two dedicated Flows were created to showcase the best content for the most exciting times of the year. Finally, it would be remiss not to mention Liseberg’s clever way of using a Youtube Flow to highlight the real, vivid and dynamic adventures of their customers.  

We are so proud to be working with Liseberg, an amazing entertainment pioneer in the Flowbox community who always makes the most out of the platform to grow their customer base and create an amazing experience for them. We love to see our shining Flowboxers spreading their inspirational ideas to the whole community. 💙

Again, congratulations Liseberg – the Flowboxer of the month for November 2021!

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