Flowboxer of the Month — November 2023: ALOHAS

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Flowboxer of the Month — November 2023: ALOHAS

As we approach the famous ‘most beautiful time of the year’, commonly known as Christmas, the season of giving is upon us. In this festive season, we exchange numerous gifts: the gift of love, the gift of happiness, the gift of peace, and, of course, material gifts too. To prevent you from making ill-advised last-minute purchases, every year you should mark the last Friday of November in your calendar, also globally called ‘Black Friday’. 

The theme for the Flowboxer of the Month for November was Black Friday, as we wanted to expose our audience to how eCommerce brands boost their conversions with one of the best marketing strategies: the implementation of User Generated Content. Most eCommerce brands are aware of the importance of increasing sales and raising brand recognition. Consequently, in this period of heightened consumer spending, the competition amongst eCommerce retailers has reached an all-time high. That is why an efficient strategy is the key to maximising the potential of all brands during this period. 

ALOHAS, a Spanish brand founded in Hawaii, started creating footwear for those who liked chasing hot and sunny weather. Nowadays, they’ve diversified their creations and consumers can wear their footwear during the coldest days, too, as well as the recent addition of clothing. Moreover, the brand focuses on promoting sustainability among its customer base. 

Fashion overproduction is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats, and ALOHAS only fabricates their products on demand. With their pre-order business model, they can see what the demand levels are and start taking action on how many shoes they need to produce. That means the brand only makes what the client actually wants to buy. 

But taking care to avoid massive overproduction wasn’t enough for ALOHAS, as the brand also goes above and beyond by contributing to sustainable manufacturing. They are getting ahead by offering innovative plant-based leather that looks and feels just like the real deal. 

Let’s see how utilising User Generated Content strategy has enabled this company to establish and grow its online community. On the homepage, consumers are greeted with a carousel of photos shared by happy customers who are enjoying their purchases. The brand encourages their clients to post pictures of their new pair of shoes on their social media profiles and tag the brand using its designated hashtag #ALOHASCHICAS.

Users can find another carousel of content on the product page to get some more inspiration of what the pair of shoes are going to look like in real life.

Implementing a User Generated Content strategy can help your eCommerce brand to increase conversions, as well as to create a large community of satisfied customers that share how much they enjoy your products. 

We want to give huge congratulations to ALOHAS for winning the Flowboxer of the Month for November! Stay tuned to discover next months’ theme and winner. 

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