Flowboxer of the Month – October 2020: Boob Design

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Flowboxer of the Month – October 2020: Boob Design

And the October winner is… Boob Design!

This year, 2020, the Swedish maternity clothing brand Boob Design is celebrating 20 years of producing clothes for all stages of motherhood. Their unique nursing designs are even patented and today, their clothes are available in-store in 18 different countries as well as by shipment to 58 countries.

Boob Design has innovatively incorporated Flowbox flows in their brand storytelling by showcasing their history through images. To create these flows, Boob Design used our Custom Post function in order to import branded content directly in Flowbox. They are the first of our clients to use flows in this manner, and we are floored by Boob’s creativity! The images depicting the company’s journey from start to present day along with the dated descriptions truly makes the story come to life. We absolutely love this concept, and we can definitely see it inspiring people (us included).

Here are the two other flows featured on the page, featuring the rest of Boob’s brand history timeline:

We love these heartwarming flows and we can’t wait to see what Boob Design comes up with next! Congratulations on becoming our Flowboxer of the Month for October 2020 🎈