Flowboxer of the month – September 2021: Pimkie

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Flowboxer of the month – September 2021: Pimkie

With this month’s theme, fashion, our Flowboxer of the month competition has received more incredible nominations than ever. This batch of nominees seem to reflect the (almost) endless possibilities of using user generated content (UGC). As always, this article will zoom in on the inspiring initiatives of this month’s winner through which you will get even more practical tips to unlock your creativity with Flowbox. 

First things first, it’s time to announce this month’s winner:

With their new and revamped product pages, Pimkie was crowned winner this month, despite there being many excellent nominees. Putting a Product Flow first with a fresher and more appealing look, Pimkie is on the right track to boost conversions with this transformation.

Since their start in 1971, Pimkie has always spread its love for fashion to young women in Europe and the rest of the world. With the aim to meet their customers’ needs and desires, the clothing brand and its professional, enthusiastic employees have been working together to offer new collections that keep pace with the frenetic pace of fashion while constantly transforming the way they work as a fast-growing and global brand.

How Pimkie rocks at UGC using Flowbox:

Product pages are one of the most important parts of any ecommerce store where customers are right at the point of purchase. With UGC showing how the products are in use, brands can provide a more authentic, personalized and transparent experience that helps turn browsers into paying customers. 

Using Flowbox’s visual marketing platform, Pimkie has created a brand new look for their product pages with stunning images from their real customers. Customized settings have allowed the fashion retailer to place the Flow in front of their pages, so that they can capture visitors’ attention immediately, gain trust through said powerful social proof, and consequently, generate more conversions. 

This transformation achieved outstanding results which exceeded the expectations of Pimkie. After a week of launching, the fashion brand has seen a significant increase in conversion rate and the average order value.

Seeking an authentic connection with their customers, Pimkie also put out an activation message under the Flow that encourages shoppers to share their own experiences with the hashtag #PimkieXme to get featured on their website.

We are so proud to be working with Pimkie who continues to wow us with how they use Flowbox to create an authentic experience for their customers. We love sharing our customers’ best practices and their inspirational spirit to the whole Flowbox community. 💙

A big shout out to Pimkie, the Flowboxer of the month for September 2021!

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